Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


Welp, new video.

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“Go Capricorn, it’s ya birthday” - Dom Kennedy (Represent)

Y’all ever going to do another run? Maybe revisit the shape?


Probably not anytime soon. The Finch is our second try at V-shape yoyos. An improved but at the same time a different yoyo altogether. They do share similar traits though but it wasn’t designed specifically as a successor.


Any update on the Shipwrecks making their way to YYE? :slight_smile:


Working out some things, but it’ll be here sooner than you know


Go buy a Shipwreck on Yoyoexpert!


That Dark Green went quick! Glad I snagged one of them before they sold out.


I haven’t photographed the gold yet. I can’t wait. This needs a spinning shot too. Thanks for making my favorite colorway. ;D by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


^^ one of the best Red/Black/Clear I’ve ever seen.

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I guess. I liked all their other colors more.

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Same. I’m just not a fan of that color. Not saying anything bad its just not for me


Hello! Davis Keene here. I apologize for not constantly updating the thread. I promise I will be better with it this time.

Anyways, there are only two shipwrecks left on YYE! Thanks guys! I’m glad to hear all the happy comments, and it makes me remember why we started TSYC.

For a while, we have been working on a “secret” project. It was known by our IG followers, but remained quiet on the forums. Elvis wanted to create a yoyo with the perfect blend of performance and beauty for his tricks. We made it our goal to get him what he wanted. With help from the other team members, we collaborated to form:

The Finch.

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Nice looking throw


NOTE: Image above is a prototype. Production Finches will have slightly more rounded runs to prevent it from hurting your hand on tight binds :slight_smile:

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Yes! I had slight issues with that on the Capricorn not to serious but the rims where a bit sharp. I hope I can get one of these eventually because this sounds awesome.


Quiet on the forums? I’ve posted about my love for this thing multiple times lol. I think everybody is really gonna like this Yoyo. Glad I got a prototype, I really like the look of the rims


That looks excellent, TSYC


That string gap-block


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Look closer. It actually goes in like a Shutter.

Looks pretty nice; the rims are definitely sharp on the prototype.


yeah i was about to mention the sharp rims too when I first saw it