Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


I think he got those specs from our website before we had the final weight.


I need that YoyoExpert edition Shipwreck in my life! I can’t wait. I don’t think I have a YoyoExpert Edition that looks like it. May I ask where they were anodized?


Top secret…
BUT we are putting black strings on them just for you!


Double looped? :wink:

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Is the exact mass a secret too?


aka how to tell someone doesnt actually use their yoyos…


And, with that same logic, someone who concludes something that ridiculous, has a double loop around their brain. :smiley:


Today is Tropic Spins 1 year anniversary!!!

Thank you guys all so much for sticking with us. We didn’t know that in one year we’d be on YYE, with a ton of supporters behind our backs! Without YYE, tropic spins wouldn’t really have been possible.

So, thanks a ton, and throw on!

-Davis Keene

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I wish I had instagram so I could see pics of stuff like that

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Your doing a great job tropic spins. The capricorn is such a great yoyo when I go to my ytoyo club there’s always 2 people that wnat to throw my Capricorn because the like it so much. And there all like would you trade this to me? and I’m like No! its my precious

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Sorry, didn’t see your comment floating with the others :smiley:

The exact weight is 70.1 grams, according to my scale at home. I may try it with a finer instrument to decide the EXACT weight, but the weight is 70 grams. (Well, 70.1)

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Seems heavy, but the distribution probably helps.


Oi oi lads. Any idea of roughly when Shipwrecks are going to be working their way to YYE? I really like to consolidate my USA yoyo purchases where possible to save on shipping. :slight_smile:



The Shipwrecks will be on YYE, although I cannot say for certain when. We were thinking of making another run of 40 to sell solely on YYE, or to just send most of the Shiperecks we have now and sell them on YYE before the big release. All depends on how well the sell directly. Thanks!


The Finch - [prototype] available at the California State Yo-Yo Contest. $95

  • For those that don’t want to wait for the production run.

54.08// 38.4/ 67.05
mm mm g

Come stop by our booth for discounted Shipwrecks! [Misfits and A Grades]


^ that yoyo right there looks mighty fine… ;D


What is The Finch made out of? Doesn’t appear to be 6061 Al. Looks very nice by the way.

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^that looks amazing


It is indeed made of 6061 Aluminum!

Thanks for all the compliments guys.