Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Thanks for the IG link. That’s a chunky monkey right there! LOVE the aesthetic of it. I do worry that the very edge is going to be a bit sharp on the catch.


Naw, I’ve been throwing it for quite a bit and I haven’t hurt my hand at all! Tight binds are pretty nice, not too snaggy. Also, I have small hands, so bigger hands wouldn’t feel the runs as much haha :slight_smile:


Them rims look real clunky.

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Tropic Spins is FINALLY on YYE! Check it out!

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Congrats! :smiley:


We knew you could do it, so much hard work and dedication paid off. You guys are great!


Very nicely done lads. Just shows what can be done with enough effort and belief. :slight_smile:

Looks like a darn nice throw as well.


Of course it drops in December. My parents don’t let me buy stuff during December. Let’s get them to get me a Capricorn for Christmas  :smiley:


Hey Guys!

Sorry for the inactivity, we’ve been busy collecting ourselves and working on some shipwrecky things (:

Anyways, we’re in Official Manufacturers now!

Just an update on the shipwrecks, they’re veig anodized now. Should have them and assemble them by next week or so, in time for our 1st anniversary! (January 21st)

Thanks for the support, and keep on throwing tropic!

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Cool. Probably wont be able to pick one up this time around but mabey if you guys do another run




^^^ specs?


56mm Dia
43mm Width
Gap Width: 3.72mm
Weight: about 70 grams
Response: 19mm Response Pads
Bearing: OD 10 Ball
Material: 6061 Aluminum


sounds pretty damn cool,ill def pick one of these babies up,and ima have to grab a cap soon as well

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I saw that they we’re selling B grade Capricorns for only $55 so if you want 1 for cheap there you go


The price was lowered to $25 on Sunday. I picked one up, not sure if they’re still in stock.

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Wow thats crazy good so good I almost want to buy a second Capricorn

Edit: yup your right there all out of stock

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So does this mean the mass fluctuates? Are some 65.7 grams and others as high as 69 grams? Or are you unsure of the actual mass?