Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


Wow! Look at that baby!


Results being posted today?!


We’re voting now. It’s sooooo close!

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Will a top 3 be announced?


Shipwrecks aren’t sailing smoothly. They’re at the bottom of the ocean.

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I LOVE shipwrecks!




Where are de results?



We have the results for the Video Contest! Thank you to all who participated, it means a lot to us! So, without further ado, here are the results!

In third place, we have Adrian Velez!
In second place, we have Zach Gustafson!

And in first place, the winner of a shiny new Prototype Shipwreck, is the one… the only…
Daniel Kim!

Again, thanks to all who participated! The results were close, but don’t feel discouraged if your name wasn’t up there! All participants did amazing, and we want to thank you guys for sticking with us!


Lol not literally :slight_smile:


Here are the link to the top three videos (sorry I din’t bother finding the rest)

Daniel Kim

Zach Gustafson

Adrian Velez (my personal favorite, nice atmosphere and great tricks)


Thanks guys! I’ll put that shipwreck to good use!


Tropic Spins presents: The Shipwreck! The Shipwreck is the second yoyo from Tropic Spins Yoyo Co. The Shipwreck is a yoyo that puts the “float” in floaty and the “rec” in recreational. With its unique double rim, it perfectly distributes the weight perfectly between out and in, creating the perfect feel.


Width: 43.40mm
Diameter: 56mm
Weight: ~ 70 - 71g
Gap Width: 3.72mm
Response: 19mm response pads
Bearing: OD 10 ball
Axle: 8-32 x 3/8


Was going to get one but seems way to heavy for me


You can take my word for this one: don’t freak out.

That’s what my scale read, but on the string it feels about as heavy as a rally. The weight distribution gives the yoyo a more floaty feel, it’s also pretty fast too.


Can’t see the pics for some reason.

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This should help.  :slight_smile: