Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


Wat? I got 4th? Not possible…


Could you provide a link to the top ten videos?


What is the judging criteria? I don’t remember.


Sure, I’ll try to do it later today.


When will these yoyos be at YYE?


The list was not in order of best to worst.
It was in random.


well now I feel dumb… Oh well it was good while it lasted!!!


Hopefully, we are jut working a few things out at the moment :slight_smile:


So is there anywhere to watch the contest videos?


It wasn’t all based on skill remember :wink:

(Erik Kerber ) #451

BC your back! I havn’t seen you on here in forvever.



(Erik Kerber ) #453

Hey you guy’s updated the team section on your website. Looking Good!


Thanks man! You working in your new vid, I hope?

(Erik Kerber ) #455

Thinking about it I got some ideas.

When is the exact date? you said 3 weeks earlier but what day would that be?


The exact date is October 21st.

(Erik Kerber ) #457

Ok so I got 10 day’s


Just finished filming now just matter of time when I can get on the computer.

(velez_adrian) #459

I finish making my video already. It kinda sucked


hahaha just looked at the combo it sucks… time to make another!!!