Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


Please, PM us if you have any concerns :slight_smile:


October 3rd :slight_smile:


I so excited I probably have no chance of going to finals tho if DKs is as good as I think it is.


Aww you know my nickname! Haha mine is on the bio of my instagram @yoyosonly


Let’s congratulate Mark Wendt for becoming the newest addition to Team Tropic Spins!

(Erik Kerber ) #426

Congratulations Mark.


Definitely congratulations, he was a great pick for the team.


Deadlines today!!!


Ayy when re the results going to be posted?


We are working on it!


School took over my Yoyo life. Couldn’t film, such mad, very doge, much dang


So they still aren’t posted so when will be?


Been looking around your instagram and such, thisis how you start a yoyo company.


i dont have an instagram so Ha! :stuck_out_tongue:


Results are in! Thank you all who participated in the Video Contest! The winners of this round have 3 weeks to get their final video submitted, and see who’ll get our Grand Treasure Chest!

So, the top 10 finalists are:
Adrian Velez
Jake Rimmer
Andy Lim
Abby Bordsky
Jordy Winsor
Erik Kerbler
Jake Lerman
Daniel Kim
Zachary Gustafson
Isaiah Racaule

Again, you have 3 weeks to make a video. Use that time wisely! Make a video that’ll blow us away!

Thanks to all who entered!
-Tropic Spins #tropicspins #results

(Erik Kerber ) #436

Yea! I made it.

Does the new video need to 1:30 aswell?



(Erik Kerber ) #438

Ok so all the same rules apply.

(velez_adrian) #439

does it also mean we have to make it one throw or no?


All the same rules apply.