Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread

(Erik Kerber ) #401

Same. I re- Filmed 3 times on three different days and it took me like 10 takes each time.


Do you have any idea when they will be released on yye?

(Erik Kerber ) #403

I hate mac’s…Even more than I hated them before…My entire video is gone!..Luckilly I still have the original footage I’m just hoping I can re- edit it fast enough… GRRRRRRRR


Whoops I forgot to tell you lads that we changed the contest due date to indefinite. Instagram is the best place to get updates as soon as they come out :slight_smile:

(Erik Kerber ) #405

Ok well I don’t have instagram :frowning: I wish I did but I don’t own a phone.


Instagram is on the web now as well


You can’t make one on the web but if you wanted I could make one for you and you could sign in on your computer.



(Erik Kerber ) #409

No thats fine then I just have one more thing to check.

So when will you guy’s be picking a deadline?


When our “treasurr” is ready. Could take a while.



(Erik Kerber ) #412

:frowning: :’(


It’s really when we are ready to announce our treasure. Don’t worry, it won’t be a long extension :wink:

(Erik Kerber ) #414



1 week later… and the tressur is still not spoken of… :-[


Don’t worry! We are working on it.


We are just getting started… :wink:


ATTENTION: Tropic Spins One Throw Video Contest will remain open until OCTOBER 2nd! Get those videos in for your chance at a grand treasure chest! Finalists of this round will have another 2-3 weeks to get those final vids in!

The prize will be revealed to the winner once we decide on the top finalist! Take it from us, it’s exciting :wink:

Good luck to all!

-Davis Keene


Never buying from this small company. Worst customer service ever.


When are the finalists going to be announced?