Tropic Spins Official Manufacturer's Thread


It is one throw, but I guess that it would be alright :slight_smile:


Is it only 1A or can I do 4A?


Man, I stink at one throw contests, but, shiny metal (better mot be a penny) Eh, what the hey.


Ooh worth a try probably won’t make it through but what the heck.

(Erik Kerber ) #385

My thoughts exactly.


1 can I use any yoyo?
2 is one regen changing the direction of the spin once or twice to get back to the same spin direction
3 good luck all


Just finished my filming today editing tomorrow.


Any style you’d like!

Yes, and one regen is the yoyo stopping or changing directions at any point without being held in the hand.

(Erik Kerber ) #389

Do we just PM you the vids for this? or do we have to enter some other way?


You can PM them to me, that’s fine. Or email the link to

(Erik Kerber ) #391



3 days left!!

(velez_adrian) #393

Not to sound cocky but I think I made top 10 ish. Caleb fisher for sure though. He’s got skill.

(Erik Kerber ) #394

Yup just filmed today. Now for some editing.


I’ll put one together

(Erik Kerber ) #396

I can have a fanciful intro to the video before the trick stats right?



(Erik Kerber ) #398

Ok Thanks

(Erik Kerber ) #399

I’ll get my vid uploaded tomorrow morning


I could not land my trick to save my life GRAAAAAAH