Show some wooden yoyos you've made




Hopefully going to turn this delicious laminated white oak/wenge wood into a killer unresponsive.


Made the first half of my white oak/
Wenge unresponsive. My plan was to make it wide (just over 46mm) to see how far I could push it within the bounds of acceptable vibe. I laminated the wenge with the white oak to make the outer rims denser than the rest.

I’ll make the other half this week hopefully. I predict huge, unplayable vibe!

(André Boulay) #167

Wow - that is amazing looking! :heart_eyes:


Wobbly. A shame, because this is the best performing and feeling yoyo I’ve ever made. Never mind. :neutral_face:


Made this one from spotted gum a couple of days ago. It’s a super smooth yoyo with a good play-feel.

It’s my last unresponsive because I’ve run out of metal guts. If I sell this one, I’ll be able to purchase some more.

(Chris Francz) #170

Very nice! Beautiful even. That you could make a yoyo yourself seriously impresses me. You can literally make a yoyo with the exact specs you want and that is awesone.


Revived this one out of some failed halves in my scrap box where the axle holes were drilled inaccurately. I bored larger holes over them accurately and now it’s perfect.

I’m experimenting with 7mm axles intead of 6.35mm (1/4"). I found that people who really abuse my yoyos by constant hard hits to the ground have managed to snap the axles after a while, so that extra .65mm makes it a lot stronger.

I thought I’d burn the full Spinworthy logo onto this one rather than the SW. I think its OK for a change.

This one is made entirely out of zebrawood. I turned the axle out of zebrawood, too.


ooo fancy laser cut logo! How’d you do that?


With a .jpg file of the design and a small laser engraver.


Spun up a nice, all maple Harbinger today. I’ll put it on the BST tomorrow.

(Chris Francz) #175

That is truly beautiful!