Show some wooden yoyos you've made


Looks nice! Plastic axle too?




Yes, the whole thing is UHMWPE.


This one weighs 65g, but for some reason feels lighter and more friendly.

I’m going to reduce it’s width and diameter to get it down to around 55g.


I’ll make another of these and then I’m going to turn an unresponsive with it! :grinning:


This is improved. I wanted to sand it to give it a flocked feel and it worked very well. I got the logo to engrave on this one too.

This one is 60g and about 56mm in diameter. I think I’m happy with this one, still need to test it more, though.


I’m curious about the longevity of the plastic axle with these, have any fixed axles used them in the past?


I’ve seen plastic axles before. So far so good, but it will need a bit more testing. UHMWPE is a very resilient material. It should be able to withstand the heat generated.


Forgot to mention that this yoyo loves poly string, too. No need for cotton.


We use UHMWPE at work. I bet it’s a dream to turn based on the low CoF. Seems like a great material for a throw. Probably won’t even see a lot of issues with it if you bang it into stuff while playing.


The only plastic axle I recall seeing was a transaxle, not a fixed one. I feel like (but could be completely wrong) a fixed plastic axle would be susceptible to bending. Even a slight bend would cause bad wobble it would seem.

Yoyo looks incredible though, I’d love to be able to make something like that. :slight_smile:


I have seen plastic axles used in modern Coke yoyos, but they were pretty cheap yoyos given away with a meal deal at Barnacle Bill’s :rofl:.

Seriously, this plastic is tough. Even if you purposely bend the axle it will bend right back to how it was. I tried it with no problem.


Yes it turns really nicely, but there are a few challenges that occur with the meters upon meters of fine plastic thread it creates. It has a tendency to get stuck into the moving parts of the headstock which is a pain.

It makes a very tough yoyo indeed. The plastic has some excellent properties like an enormous impact resistance. It’s claimed in the manufacturers information it’s virtually unbreakable. It also has very high abrasion and wear characteristics. Heck you can even pour
extremely caustic liquids or acid on it and it won’t damage it.


I like this but the sanding of plastic does not sit right with me… is there another way to “texturize” the plastic?


Pics or it didn’t happen.

I’m kidding! Lol.


It could probably be bead blasted, but I kinda like the frosty look. I need to improve the quality of the sanding, but I like it.


Did I mention you can eat it?

It’s physiologically inert, so when you’re bored with the yoyo, you can just eat it if you want.


Yeah, the stuff is pretty incredible.

Can you make some type of catch bag to hang from your lathe?


I was going to call this the Survivalist Edition Harbinger, but In think I’m going to make one with a new shape and just call it the Survivalist.

Undecided yet.


Putting a bag under the lathe probably won’t help. Usually the moment the string is produced, it tangles and spins on the workpiece or the faceplate.