Show some wooden yoyos you've made


The wounded oak looks both natural and great.


Made some Scorchers in Jarrah with maple inlay and spotted gum with purpleheart inlay.

(André Boulay) #146

Simply stunning. True art. Nice work!!! :raised_hands:


Made a walnut Harbinger today.


Made an Australian blackwood Harbinger tonight.

The wood is like Australia’s answer to walnut.

(André Boulay) #149

The color on that wood is stunning. I love it.


@Glenacius_K does amazing work. I really enjoy my Harbinger


I posted about my AWESOME wooden unresponsive Glen made me a while back:


Made this yoyo out of some mystery wood today.

I have no idea what it is, but it’s REALLY hard and dense. I have never turned a wood that has blunted my tools so quickly!

It was made from old wood from school benches that my father in law was using for firewood.


That looks SUPER familiar, but I can’t place what it is. That’s going to bug me the rest of the day now.


It looks South-East Asian to me. It has that splintery, brittle, open grain and lots of silicates like other SA timbers. I can’t identify it. Wood is extremely difficult to identify.


It kind of reminds me of lacewood, but don’t think it’s that.


Yeah it’s definitely not lacewood. I’ve done some research and I’ve concluded that it most likely grey ironbark, which is commonly used for hard-wearing outdoor applications like school benches here in Australia.

It has a janka rating of 3664 lbf. To give you a better idea, purpleheart is super hard and has a janka rating of about 2500 lbf.

That is outrageously hard! :exploding_head:


Turned @Myk_Myk a merbau Harbinger yesterday. I gave it a hand-turned spotted gum axle instead of the standard walnut. It’s about 2.5 times harder than walnut and impossible to scorch.



(Luke Hildebrand) #159

I finally got around to making a few new Curriers

These are going up on YoYo Expert pretty soon!

Purple Heart body and caps:

Maple Body, Purple Heart Caps w/ brass inlay:


The quality of your work is top-notch, Luke. These look excellent!


Love the look of the brass inlay


Started turning a Harbinger out of a piece of Kapur that is one half brown and the other pink. Looks like icecream.


As someone who loves harbingers AND ice cream, I am on board