Show some wooden yoyos you've made


Thanks for your suggestions, Aaron. I’ve done a lot of research into Australian woods and their properties and availability.

Queensland walnut and Tasmanian myrtle are very nice woods indeed, but they are not very readily avaliable and cost as much as some exotics. I would really like to turn some Queensland walnut, though.

Australian cypress is cypress pine, which is far more readily avaliable and in my opinion, looks nicer. I can go down to my local timber store and purchase huge lengths of it. I bought enough a couple of days ago to make well over 100 yoyos.

Karri and jarrah are nice woods and I have turned both of them. I have made many yoyos out of karri and it turns and finishes really well. They both have a good balance of weight and density to make nice solid yoyos. Both jarrah and karri are readily avaliable.

I will never use waddywood or Australian buloke. Those are literally the two hardest woods on the planet with no avaliability. They are so tough that they would likely damage every tool in my shop with poor results. If I could produce a yoyo from them, they would weigh something like 150g in the end.


Another new spotted gum unresponsive.

This my best playing yet. It’s really balanced and feels as smooth as silk to play.


great looking throw. Is that a metal axle?


It’s an unresponsive wooden yoyo. It has metal response, bearing and axle.


Looks great! Is the gum wood quite heavy? What does it look like inside?


Yeah, it’s a really dense and tough Australian wood. It’s really uniform so it creates really smooth unresponsives when turned correctly. The inside looks much like the outside; It is grey/brown and has nice steaks through it.

This one in the picture weighs in at about 64g and is 56mm in diameter. If this one doesn’t sell, I’d more than happy to keep it for my regular throw!


I had Glen make me a Cypress Pine with the hole beveled out more for fingerspins. I’m not sure my suggestion was an improvement, but I have managed to hit Figerspins on it, and it is fun!

I really like the way it plays! Light, but spins really nice, and is very smooth for wood!

This part looks like a thumbprint:

Definitely a “nevertrade”.


I can attest to the quality Glen puts out. I recently got a cypress pine Harbinger, and it’s up there in the top wood yoyo spot for me. He said it worked well for regens, but I feel like saying it’s “good” at regens is a severe understatement!
Totally all-round great yoyo, though. I absolutely love it and agree, this will never be sold.


I know this is really about wooden yoyo you’ve made, but my Dad insisted that I make him a Spinworthy ring out of purpleheart.


Man, that is pretty.


Just got my unresponsive Spinworthy in the mail yesterday. After a night of throwing it I gotta say it plays great! Nice weight, powerful spin, plenty of stability. Smooth by wood standards with a comfortable shape. Really fun throw, I would definitely recommend! ;D


Made this one tonight.

Diameter: 55.5mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: 63g

Feels like you’re throwing a cloud on a string.


That is a really cool wooden yo-yo :scream:


This one looks so amazing.


Soon I will be able to get another Spinworthy.


The one you bought from me was pre-Spinworthy days.

They are much improved in every way now.


Wounded wood ;D I came across this irregularity in the oak while I was shaping one of my halves and just decided to complete the YoYo instead of scrapping it.




Thanks for sharing Paul. I have been wondering if you’ve been making any yoyos lately. Looks great!


Made some white oak Harbingers today.