Show some wooden yoyos you've made


I like the “branding” on those! Not sure if it’s a brand, or ink, but I like it!


I like it too. :slight_smile:

It’s a laser engraving. It stands for Spinworthy.


Your array of creations looks great. Nice clean logo too. All the same profile? Classic butterfly or something modified?


It’s a modified butterfly shape. The inner walls taper slightly.


Made a zebrano Scorcher a couple of days ago.


Made a few light versions of the Scorcher in maple, zebrano and merbau. They’re all around the 44-45g mark and play beautifully.


^^ Are you doing the SW logo with a wood burner?


With a laser engraver.


Cool!..I thought it looked way too clean to be done with a wood burner!


Tryng to post some pictures here, but the app is not processing them for some reason ??? Annoying how unreliable the app can be, and also annoying how impossible it is to post pictures just using the forum website.

Anyway, because 1/4" wooden dowel is impossible to find in Australia, I’ve resorted to making my own (had a picture to show).

Looking forward to using some purpleheart, wenge and zebrawood dowel soon in my yoyos!


Made some Harbingers out of blackwood recently. The centre is wenge wood. I’ll be using contrasting woods in the centre of the yoyos I make from now on.


An unresponsive wooden yoyo I made today from cypress pine.

I’ve been looking for an Australian wood that is similar in hardness and density to rock maple and I found that cypress pine fits the bill. Although it is technically a softwood, it is harder than oak and has a pretty uniform texture. It’s riddled with knots (that don’t interfere with cutting) and has really nice wavy grain pattern. Oh - and it cuts like butter on the lathe and finishes so nicely from a sharp tool that it barely needs sanding. I love it.


I can’t ever see any of your pics anymore. It doesn’t seem to matter what device I’m on.

Maybe it’s a setting in my profile…?


Me either


Oh wierd… I don’t know why.

I used to post them using the Yoyoexpert app which did work, but it me longer lets me post pictures. The uploading fails every time.


I modified the post with the picture. Can you see it now?


Yes, I can see it now. That’s another beauty Glenacius.


Glenacious K, you have come up with another really nice looking throw.


Wow, beautiful grain on that cypress pine!


Queensland Walnut, Australian Cypress and Tasmanian Myrtle are similar to rock maple. If you want something harder then Jarrah, Karri, Waddywood and Australian Buloke are all substantially harder that rock maple. Not sure how easy it is to get woods like that.