Do Not Trade With Chase Hadden


Chase Hadden is incredibly unreliable with trading. Do not send him your stuff. If you don’t feel like listening to me, then make sure he ships first. I’ve received several emails about how he has scammed people out of hundreds of dollars worth of yoyos.

His future on CLYW is on thin ice right now.

Sorry for the public post about this, but man I’m upset that I have to deal with this crap.


(SlimJoe) #2



I saw some stuff on Instagram about this… Hopefully, he gets things worked out.


Basically … if he doesn’t he’s off the team.


that’s just sad i though he would have gotten it by now…


There are multiple ‘he’s’ … several people are missing stuff promised to them.

(UmeNagisa) #7

What is his Username?


man that sucks :frowning:


Revoke his Peaks!


Honestly if I was on CLYW I would do anything not to be kicked off so I hope this gets resolved quick.


I managed to get all my throws from him they just were nowhere near the condition he had stated


Is this… Real?

Or some sort of joke?


Very real
One of the mint higby zeros had cracked caps. The other had scratches along the rims


Just because somebody let some kid on a yoyo team doesn’t mean that kid isn’t a tool.


Yeah, people like to assign mystical status to all kinds of “famous” people. People are people, mistakes will be made. Sometimes that person will learn from their mistakes, sometimes there is no chance they will learn from that mistake because they feel entitled to act the way they did. Doesn’t matter if it’s a kid on a yoyo team, arguably the best golfer or bicyclist in the world, the president of the United States or one of so many, many others.

Hopefully Chase will sort it out. If not then I’m sure Chris will sort it out for him as far as his place representing CLYW goes. I don’t know Chase or any CLYW team member or employee, but it would be a shame for CLYW’s reputation to be brought down by a single person. They are a great company and one person making a mistake is obviously not representative of CLYW as a whole.

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Dang haha Chris is LAYIN DOWN THE LAW


It’s kinda sad that Chris has to do this just so he can complete his part. Chase, your awesome but for the love of god grow up.


I am in disbelief right now. You gave him an opportunity to be on the CLYW team and he’s screwing you over and ruining his opportunity all at the same time by something so small as a yoyo trade? Chase, I don’t know you man, but, if you read this, just send him the yoyo and if you don’t really have the yoyo like you said you did, buy one, if you still can, and have it sent to him. If the yoyo isn’t available anymore to buy, then maybe one day you’ll quit lying. I would think that out of all the teams out there, joining CLYW would be the number 1 goal for most yoyo players, just think about that.


This is kind of a shock to me. I bought a Comeback Avalanche from him and he stated it was mint but he looked over it again and told me the exact damage on it. Though it took him a while to ship, everything was as expected.


It is sad that this is happening, and I saw over the past few months (it’s been going on a long time) that people aren’t getting their end of the trade from Chase. But I respect Chris’ actions. His team sets a high example for his high quality return tops, if someone is being a bad example to the community it’s not in his company’s favor.

Is sad that this is happening, but take Chris’ word for it. Don’t deal with Chase.