Look out for buck choy!!!!!

Ok at least a month ago I shipped him my yyf tacic and says he didn’t get it untill 4 days ago and he lives in Canada. He was supposed to send me a red protostar and he said he shipped 2 days ago and I just got a message from him saying you just got scammed (:<. That tactic was given to me from my little brother a month before he died in a car crash and he was 6 years old. I’ve been crying for atleast an hour not because of the yoyo, because that’s just one less thing I have to remember him by.

wow what a low life

I know right! People like that tick me off

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me 2 and im sorry about your brother

Yeah well at least he’s in a better place

thats incredible rude i cant believe that who in the world would like to make people mad like that.i hope buck choy trips and falls in a ditch ;D

What a freakin jerk! That makes me so angry. And I’m so sorry about your brother. :’(

Ya know what, I might write him a little somethin’ somethin’. Will that get me in trouble?

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not sure if you have yet, but first submit a bad player review and then contact the modds. they should be able to trace his IP address so that he can not delete his account and create another account or just use a different forum. plus if you remember his address that would help the mods.

He also has fake feedback too, but hes been on the forum so long it just makes you wonder who else is a scammer?

I thought you’d never get rid of your tactic. That’s just horrible.

Wooooow. I was going to trade him a dingo for that red protostar. And it was less than a month ago. And he started cusing me out and I reported him but the mods didn’t do anything, nothing realy to do I guess?. Wow man I’m so sorry he took advantage of you like that. Sorry about your loss. Hope your trade gets straghtent out.

Scammers are just stupid. It angers me to see all these rude dishonest people. You should also post this on another website that starts with a “y” and ends with and “n”. Don’t want to list another web site. But if you know what website I mean, leave him bad feedback on there, I belive he has an account there too. Post this same thread there too. Sorry about your loss. Hope things turn out good.

-James Reed

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This is why it is important to check peoples feedback before you even think about shipping.

It was the first trade I made sooooooooooo I was kinda clueless on the forums then

If there’s the least bit of dignity in this guy, he should send the yoyo back to you.

Sorry to hear about your brother.

I am sorry about your little bro. But I know how you feel. A month and a half ago, I was scammed out of my tactic too :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( I HATE ALL SCAMMERS!!! It’s getting harder and harder to find a trustworthy person. But at least there are still honest people.

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sent you a PM! Give me your address and I order a red Proto for you, yoyoexpert has some in stock. I was so moved by your story.

Don’t worry, I won’t scam you :smiley: I just got a bit of cash from yoyo busking, and I gladly pass some on to you. Just to let you/us remeber there are still some good people out there too


Wow… some people have no dignity. My only question is if your tatic was so important to you why would you trade it?

please exuse my language but that guy is a BAD WORDS people like that need to get a life,
and i am very sorry to hear about your brother.



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I’m about to cry just reading this! That’s so sad, buck Choy should feel terrible, how extremely rude of buck choy.