Dead yo-yos

Post and give your dead yo-yos a proper memorial here!

This thread was dedicated to my Wedge

RIP Wedge
March 2019 to July 27 2019
Husband of Other Wedge Half
Father to none

You will be missed


I lost my xconvict and fhz a looooong time ago. Had to clean my room out to paint and I found my synergy caps for it :frowning:

Also broke my flight cuz it went in the pool a few times so maybe I’ll grab a new offstring at worlds.

I have a broke protostar and a daydream that doesnt play great anymore and also a legacy1 that probably works but has no weight rings in it.

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Peach First Base
You had a bent bearing seat
You wobbled like a punching bag
May your rest be peaceful


I brought my wEDGE and severe to camp with me and both show signs of it. I’ll be retiring my wEDGE and severe in search of a cheap plastic (replay pro), tho tbh honestly I really could have done with giving away the wEDGE, since it wasn’t quite dead (yet).

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I lost my deadly spins wrath & clyw BvM in a scam in a overseas deal that was bust…rest in peace…where ever you are…?


Put new string on Oracle forgot to check length. Super throw and…
Flying pog somewhere still missing, and cracked yoyo.


Lost my Masamini.

I hope you found someone to love!


To the Spinworthy Scorcher I had many fun sessions. Helped me get some tricks down. Unfortunately it met its demise to my knuckles on a miss step while attempting a Lunar Landing. Rest in Pieces.


It broke on your knuckles??

That was back when I was using 1/4" walnut axles, but I’m amazed it broke that way.


Yeah it surprised me too, lol. I had been playing it pretty hard for days. It may have already been close to breaking. Flew across my driveway the day prior after a string snapping.

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RIP N12 Shark Honor
You were the beginning of my transition to unresponsive play.
You served many roles: A daily throw, a new trick learner, a beater, a baseline for budget throws.
You fought many battles in the war against the floor. But all the dents and dings merely served as battle scars. You never gave up and always played well.
My only regret is not searching harder for your lost axel. Had I been more resilient in my search, you may be spinning today.

N12 Shark Honor: 2014 - 2018
A fighter, a pioneer, a mentor, and I’m proud to say a friend. May we meet again someday.


I feel you

I lost the exact same model, stripped

It was also my first ever proper throw

May I ask how you lose a axle?lmao

James copley scammed me out of my raw og peak.

I had my MYY N8 go into the trash can. Its was so terrible my last throw with it was into said can. It was not missed.


Lost it at work. String wound in a huge knot around the bearing so I took it apart to unravel. Axel fell off while unscrewing it and I couldn’t find it. Having 1 minute of break time left didn’t help.

Could have went back later and looked, but that yoyo was so beat up I figured it was time to let it go.

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My two favorite yoyos as a kid: a Fast 201, and a FHZ. I think the 201 broke at some point, but the FHZ was just lost to time. Still have my Speed Beetle though!

Last seen in the hands of my son about 6 months ago along with the remote control. Current suspected whereabouts include, but are not limited to, the Island of Misfit Mascots.

Now lemme ask

Why didn’t you just replace the axle?

FG Kodiak
Travelling companion to my FG Squatch '18
You played great for 36 hours
I’m sorry I yeeted you into my porch and dislodged one of your rings.