I'm back

I’m finally back after a long break I took from yoyoing. I took like 4 months off. But I am back now ;D ;D so yeah haha I’m really excited to be back!!!

good to see ya back didn’t even know you were gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

now youre supposed to ask us what youve missed while you were away.

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Hey!!! Amazing!

I’ve just back after a Seriously Looooong Break. Your post was the first one Ive read since my return.

So much has changed; not sure where to start.

But then again; I’ve only been gone since Saturday.

I suggest you alphabetically go through the Entire ‘Members’ List; to see if you still recognize anybody’s’ screen name.

I did hear one really nice thing since I have returned. The International Federation of Professional Yoyo Players has voted unanimously to allow All Yoyo Competitors in any Major Yoyo Contests; to Score their Own Freestyles. And All Ladder Players will be allowed to use PayPal to buy Extra chances to redo trick Fails… But only if they use the Gifting option.

Also, Jensen shaved his head and formed a Canadian version of Blue Man Crew. Jensen and Black will be doing a Special Show together… Soon. They’re gonna call it ‘Black and Blue’. Mainly front facing Close Combat 2A looping. Sounds Brutal, to me.

And some Company is coming out with a New Yoyo very soon. My guess is that it is either gonna be made of: wood, metal, delrin, poly, stainless, Titanium, spongebobonium or deep dish pizza crust?
Not actually sure on the material. But I do know it is gonna be bearing or fixed axle.

Nice to be back…


thanks for the info it’s nice to see things change and yeah it’s always nice to be back!