I am finally back again too

I had taken a long break from the Yoyo game. I haven’t been online since last night.

Has anything happened since yesterday?

Can you guys fill me in on everything that has happened in the last 18 hours?

Can anybody post up a complete list of the last 60 sponsored players that have quit yoing or changed Teams since Wednesday?

Do people still make string?

Did Marie Calendars ever release their Pie-Tanium Yoyo?

Can somebody post All Yoyo Contest results since yesterday?

Fill me in.



Air Bikin…, Air Bikin…, Air Bikin!  :smiley:

Wow, 18 hours, it appears 1,080 minutes have passed in the yoyo world. There’s been new revelations in the “Well Known Thread” and a few astonishing appraisals. I hope you’ll manage to catch up.

That guy blew through a number of stop signs.

In the last 18 hours, I received a new yoyo. I threw it once and it was silent. But after playing it for an hour or so, it got louder and louder and now it’s practically responsive! :stuck_out_tongue:

Some thick lube will quiet that puppy down considerably. :wink:

Oh man! You’ve totally miss the new 7A style where you throw the yoyo with your toes.

The current 7A world champion is John “I’m a Pc” Hodgeman who won his championship at the world 7A competition which was held at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, the lowest part of the ocean.

Also, everyone has gone back to fixed axel wooden yoyos. Except for the 4A players who use the new helium filled titanium yoyos.

Oh, and the new world champion is Burt Reynolds.

Nothing crazy all the yoyos went crazy on your fingers all day yesterday.

help, my yoyo wont sleep.

Have you tried giving it some ZzzNyquil??

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They released the pietanium on June 86, 1357 for three pinapples exactly.

there are now invisible yoyos AND string, as shown here on this table…

Yoyodoc? Does anyone even remember this guy? Welcome back! ::slight_smile:

Remember him? I don’t even remember you!!

Well I edited a video last night it will be sweet its for abby1371 its pretty awesome you’ll wanna see it when its done

I missed you.

Will they come with splash anodization? That’s probably extra isn’t it?

Yeah and we all need the box!

I just want the table.

The whole world blew up. These are the ghosts of the people who once were on this forum using ghost computers and ghost wifi and 4g.

that is the WORST idea i have ever heard my ears hear. JK

but really tho, instead of splash, they did something new…

INTRODUCING the new Hsalps finish!!! :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

and with the new (and apparently improved, my manager just told me to throw that in) Hsalps finish you get a FREE lifetime supply of air! Warning: Not valid while underwater, choking, dead, or in space.

Batteries not included. Whoops.