I am finally back again too

OMG OMG OMG! I do SO want a hsalps finish on my next Yoyo. Will it make it.more floaty?

No…if anything it will make the yoyo anchor down so much that 8/5 llamas will have to drive headlamps down to the EXACT center of the earth. So in other words, it will add around the number of pounds it takes for a school bus to do just under 9.87654321 roundhouse kicks around the HQ of the makers of the only grapefruit to ever exist. In a nutshell, you really just have to believe in the fact that the only food to ever exist is flavored.

Once again, if it wasn’t clear enough, batteries are not included. :wink:

We’re a lot closer to finding the Hidden Valley.

Yoyos now have motors

‘doc…stop stealin’ attention from those that really need to be noticed :wink:



I went to bed, then woke up

Dude thats insane

ya srslee liek hao dide u nawt diy?!!??!??!??!?

You all are a bunch of weirdo’s!.. Lol

Thank you for such I lovely compliment. Your a wierdo too bro