Im Back...

Hey! So I decided to yoyo again. I’ve been gone from this hobby for quite a while. Feel like I missed a lot! So I started yoyoing when I was 10, im 21 now. Stopped throwing probably 3 years ago. Yoyos I have, 2008 YYF 888, General Yo 5 Star V2, OneDrop Project 2, and a couple of M1s. So what have I missed in the last couple years? What companies are putting out good product these days? What string are you guys using? What silicone are you guys using/ are you even using silicone? WHAT HAVE I MISSED??? I’m really excited to start throwing again.

Hey there, a lot has happened in a few years. Some people still like silicone, but response pads are more prevalent now. A lot of companies have opened. Basically, Japanese yoyos have been really popular, mainly the bi-metals, which are aluminum with either steel or titanium rings. Welcome back!

This is what you missed 2014 contest wise:
Worlds 2014 - Gentry Stein won 1a
Las Vegas Open - Ky Zizan won 1a with some pretty crazy slacks
U.S. Nationals - Zach Gormley won 1a (and his music choice was really cool too)
Anthony Rojas swept California winning 1a in Cal states, BAC, and West Coast Yoyo Championships

This is just stuff from the top of my head.

Also it seems that companies are taking a BIMETAL fad.

CLYW released the Wooly Marmot 2, the Bonfire, and the Puffin 2 (there’s lots more than that from them but those are my three faves from this year.)

Yoyofactory made tons of awesome budget metals

One Drop is continuing their awesomeness

Yoyojam has been awfully quiet

And today’s rising players include Mark Wendt, Zach Gustafon, Greg Angel, Adrian Velez, and Daniel Kim (bwaha that’s me)

Also there’s a bunch of startup companies like Radical Seas, Yoyoworkshop, and Tropic Spins to name a few.

Yeah, that’s just a bit of what has been happening in 2014. But now it’s 2015; prepare for more Zach Gormley awesomeness!

Draupnir. 'nuff said.

one drop seems like they are on point. I loved onedrop, i asume their quality is still up to par. When i left they just had the project and M1 haha. They got alot of yoyos now! might have to grab one of these $60 one drops. look awesome!

CLYW… Enough said…

flame suit on

yyf has made budget more budget friendly
clyw fanboys are out in droves
onedrop is awesome
yoyojam as has been already said has dropped seemingly out of existence

that should keep you for a bit

C3 needs to be given some credit .

Zerker ss
Level 6

These 3 in particular took the community by storm

YoyoJam Revival isn’t old. Admittedly it’s just a new version of an old yoyo, but the JV Phenom just dropped like 2 days ago. Alexis is putting out a new series of tutorials and YYJ does marketing for them every Tuesday.

They’re not prolific at making yoyos right now, but they’re hardly dead.

Hspin and Spyy both stopped making yoyos, sadly.

Don’t forget Anti-Yo and VsNYYC

yoyos came out. Contest were won. Companies came and companies went.

Fixed axle is back…

I don’t think you took as much of a break from Yo-Yo’ing as I did, so you shouldn’t have much of an issue getting readjusted. BUT, a lot has happened. And what is all this talk about YoYoJam falling off, this very site is pretty much an “extension” of YoYoJam, if not that VERY entity it’s self. YoYoJam has the #1 endorsement of the Top Yo-Yo Site in the whole world shadow backing it, they’re very much moving at full locomotion.