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I don’t know if many remember me but I’ve been pretty much completely out of the yoyo scene for over a year and haven’t been active or yo-yoing much for nearly 2 years. I recently got back into things about 2 weeks ago and I’ve noticed a lot of things have changed. I haven’t been posting but I’ve been lurking the forums and everything for the past week or so and have slowly been informing myself of all the new stuff that’s happened since I left.

A lot of new companies, bimetals, including budget bimetals, have become a lot more prevalent. I’m also noticing a lot more yoyos designed for finger spins. If you knew me then you know how much I love finger spins so I’m pretty happy with this new trend :wink: I actually just received a couple of Skyvas that I bought today and I’m pretty happy with them.

Well, with the introduction (if you can call it that) aside, I’m just wondering what else has been happening over the past year or two. Like I said, I’ve discovered a lot of things myself but I might be missing out on some stuff. What are some of the more reputable companies that have come up over the past 2 years? Any other innovations in yoyo design or at least something unique that’s come up? Any new talented yoyoers come up recently? Who are the players that are at the top right now? Are these forums not active as they used to be or is it just me? I saw that YYJ is pretty much gone now, but I haven’t found much information on why. I know that a while back quite a few team members were leaving but I wasn’t sure exactly why.

Sorry for rambling a little, thanks to everyone in advance :slight_smile:

YYJ: Dale Bell decide it was time to take it easy.

Goodbye, YoYoJam


Its officially Lights Out for YoYoJam

I could use a Night Moves Four right about now.

I remember you :slight_smile: you had that cool chopsticks combo you called “Asian Invasion” lol