The times they are a changing

I was looking around today at some of the CLYW return tops and realized how much that company has changed from the small cabin in the Edmonton woods that it used to be.

It got me thinking how things have changed within the yoyo scene, so i ask you:

What changes have you guys noticed over the past few years???

Bimetals, ultra cheap metals (Magic Yoyo), cheap high quality plastic (Reply Pro, Classic, Yeti, etc), the end of YYJ, Worlds moving on from Orlando.

Just a few things that come to mind.


Bimetals, Titaniums, lot of really good yoyo designs at affordable prices…Lots of companies growing…from when I started yoyoing, Duncan was what was the main stream company in terms of heavy promotion and have noticed this shifting toward YYF filling in that role that Duncan once had.

Guessing that in a few years depening on how yoyoing takes off, could see more YYF stuff in stores. So far I’ve seen the Hubstack, Velocity, DV888 (responsive setup) and Replay Pro (also responsive setup) at physical stores.

Personally, i miss YYJ and the “old” clyw. dont get me wrong, i like what theyre doing now, but they just have a different “feel” i guess.

Also, i really miss SPYY. Granted, i know they still have somethings on here i could buy and “support” them, but things like the Ronin or Pistolero were some sick ass yoyos.

I miss Chico.

YYN’s forum

Like the city? I went there yesterday, and it’s doing fine

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Plastic yoyo’s are at the best they’ve ever been.

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But no more Nats.

+1 to this.