Anything I missed in these 3-4 years?

I have left the forum for years (not that I was active or anything but I used to read a lot), and I haven’t been learning new tricks for couple of years, just been throwing casually. “That weird feeling” of coming back to the community is …weird. I don’t know how to explain. But seems like a lot has changed…like…

  1. I didn’t know YYJ is over! wow, my very first yoyo was X-Convict in 2009… I think YYJ is such a big company with business doing so well, it could have sold it’s company or passed it down among a family member to keep it alive? But who ever owned the company, it’s his decision anyways. I wonder if yoyos spiked in price when YYJ said they stopped.

  2. I remember yoyo nation was shut down for good i think in 2012? Now i see it’s back online… wow. I wonder if that’s the biggest forum for yoyoing or this. (or is there another one i don’t know of)

  3. I wonder if these brands are still alive: Hspin, SPYY, ILYY, Werrd. I never owned them but used to follow the market and admire their stuff.

  4. Looks like CLYW moved their production to China, and I think it is a time we must have all figured out Chinese product ain’t bad. And as long as the Quality Control is done by CLYW, it should be still as good as they have always been. Tho I really wish some of their yoyo’s price would drop a little. Or I think they did (I see yoyos ranging from $80-$165) compared to when I left the community, everything was i think $120+. I remember wanting to own CLYW-CANVAS cuz of Jensen Kimmitt and the yoyo looking good.
    AND i remember they outsource their machining to OneDrop cuz Onedrop has really awesome expensive CNC machine.

  5. Speaking of which, I think JK left yoyo-ing scene for years and now he’s back?

  6. And speaking of price drop, YYF has yoyo prices significantly dropped… like a lot… Genesis now costs sub $40? I bought mine…$90

  7. Seems like Bi-Metals are what’s in nowadays. Hefty premium prices. I know there are cheaper Bi out there like Magic YoYo Stealth.

Well these are somethings that’s on my mind upon trying to browse around some of my several fav yoyostore sites.

I spot some new brands, I wonder which new brands are getting good reps.

Anyways, Feels like a time travel forward reading the forums again and checking the store pages. Just wanted to share my thoughts.


Everything has changed, but at the same time, not much.

Take a look at the current offerings in the store and you’ll realize that prices have dropped overall, with far more in the 100 or under market then there was in the past.

Take a look at this video for a look at competition as it is at the highest levels.

YYJ, Hspin, SPYY, ILYY, and Werrd are all mostly gone. SPYY came back and put out a titanium a couple years ago. ILYY recently put out a couple bimetals and a titanium. I haven’t heard much from Werrd in years. It hit me hardest when YYJ and Hspin closed up shop.

Werrd put out some string and response pads a year or so ago :wink:

I seem to recall it being said somewhere at the time that that was new old stock.

Oh really? Didn’t know that! :slight_smile:

Yeah i really love hspin. I still search to buy their yoyos online for a couple hours every once in a while when the sadness of them being gone perks up. Needless to say my searches are always in vain. I kick my self evey time i think about how i sold my pyro and good and evil 3. :frowning: they are still my favorite company to this day.