Yo-yoing again after quite a long hiatus



Some of you may remember me from Extremespin, and if you do, feel free to message me, I’d love to say hello again!

I haven’t been too active yo-yoing, and recently sold off most of my collection. I kept a Dif Internal Turmoil (silicone), a YYJ Axiom, a Dif Bone Chip, and a YYF whose name escapes me…

The hobby has progressed quite a bit since I left, and horizontal play seems more “standard” than I remember. I am sort of “old school new school”. and currently relearning Candy Rain. I had trouble with the first string rejection back then too, so I’ve come full circle.

I am quite nostalgic about my times on Extremespin, and I learned a lot from the members.

Anyhow, have a great weekend all!


Welcome back! It’s good to take breaks sometimes. I usually keep up with yoyoing even if I’m not actively doing it just so I know what’s going on. It has definitely progressed since ES! Post pics of your current collection! I always like feeling nostalgic.


Hi Nick, yes I remember you.

Mostly just using the Dif IT, no collection to speak of.
Sold it off.

I might pick up something else, but another thing I noticed is the current choice of yo-yos can be overwhelming since I’m not familiar with a lot of the newer manufacturers.


Welcome back Jspins, and hey there Buddha! I used to be on the old extremespin forum all the time, formerly as the “worldssexiestdrummer” lol.

I just got back into throwing again and noticed the same things, with the horizontal play, and the vast amount of new items available for sale. I picked up a clear skyva just to see what the new stuff played like, and I’m super happy with it. Kitty string is good if you need to restock some supplies.


I just came back from a hiatus as well. :smiley:


Hey, Paul! What made you pick it back up?


Ive always been throwing casually, I blame YYN going down for me sort of getting out of the loop w the community. I also graduated college, moved 1-2 times a year for the last 5 years, and opened two businesses, so ive been very busy.

Lately ive realized its all work and no play, and ive been revisiting older hobbies (video games and yoyos mostly) that used to relax me. And still do!

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Yoyoing will always take you back! <3
ES for life.


Yo Steve! I was ScubaStan back on ES. you probably don’t remember me but i sure remember you! Welcome back man! Yoyo’s sure have changed a lot since the ES days for sure. Glad you are back!!!


ScubaStan I remember you! Yo-yos have changed, but I’m glad the camaraderie hasn’t. It’s good to see some familiar faces


ES was a great place, to bad Kyle (Tommy Gunn) didn’t pass the torch.
It’s harder to support a forum with no storefront.