Contest: design your dream colorway, with prizes, ends 3/5

(shubham) #76

Are you a photo Editing Expert?


2nd one and 4th one do it for me!

(Nathan) #78

I like the second third and fifth, but I want to see the third one spinning!


I’m anything but a photo Editing Expert :joy:, I just happened to know which software will make it easy for this type of things.

(Alexander) #82

Just by experimenting, I got an interesting design. The yoyo is one that @joshxz designed.

This isn’t my dream colorway, but it would be pretty cool to see spinning.

I hope to be able to figure out how to create my dream colorway and post it soon.

(ClockMonsterLA) #90

This would be called Rising Sun. I like the idea of the inner cup being different from the catch zone. I really love how YYR did that with the red/blue Anomaly.



Let’s not have discussion of stealing software here please! Since this is my contest topic I have removed any posts related to that, they’re off-topic anyhow.

(Also, the stolen stuff typically includes “bonus” malware that runs on your PC and will harvest all your keystrokes and possibly install backdoors for people to log in and remotely do whatever they want with your computer so… my advice is just don’t do it. Not worth the pain.)

(ClockMonsterLA) #93

Here is Hyperspace Jump:



This one’s sweet

(shubham) #95


Very nice, your best one yet!

(shubham) #97

Thank you @codinghorror. I just used two images and paint 3d and reduced the opacity of the sticker. So that we can see the yo-yo.

(Victorian YoYos) #98

Had a dream last night where I was playing with a yo-yo that had a swirl, when it spins it looks like a jawbreaker. Would look sick

(ClockMonsterLA) #99

Or a sushi roll…

(Victorian YoYos) #100

Sushi is my favorite food!

({John15}) #101

As a Star Trek fan, I approve of this. Very cool!

(ClockMonsterLA) #102

Heh. That hyperspace graphic was taken from Star Wars, not Star Trek, but that’s not terribly important, I guess. It’s just that it occurred to me that if all this is in an effort to adorn a TiWalker clone, then something Star Wars-y would be appropriate.

({John15}) #103

Well, I actually like both Star Wars and Star Trek (the original only). So, I still approve

(Mk1 Yoyos) #104


Dark Side… of the moon!

(Nathan) #105

Is this a Mulan reference?