Contest: design your dream colorway, with prizes, ends 3/5


Here are a few. I am super into the look of sodablast / clear with a hint of color. The green with the rootbeer color is called NeonBrown. :smile:

These two are scales

I love black washes as well. I’ve actually done a few myself but it’s not very common on production yoyos.

This one is a little crazy, but I really dig the speckle with the drips and horizontal line. A lot going on so it’d be pretty challenging to keep it consistent. drip

I only used the Eclipse and SK as references and not really meaning they should be on those particular yoyos.



I’d also like to point out that my image, as I’m sure codinghorror understood, was not meant to be taken seriously. Just a joke.


(Victorian YoYos) #176

how is this done?


(Joshua) #177

Typically it is done by tempering- if you put a titanium throw on your kitchen stove it will produce the luminous irredecent color you see.

It’s essentially extracting any molecules not bonded to the metal released through inference from the thickness of the oxide layer, the colors produced depend on the temperature as well as the thickness, the inference effects different wave lengths similar to oil on water “Newton’s rings” (principia of optics)

The actual ano term is “rainbow”

Industries like jewelry and some yo-yo pockets call titanium the rainbow metal as it handles the ano process so well.



Those Glides aren’t titanium though. Most likely chrome plated or electroplated, some sort of coating… but I don’t know the exact technique. I guess it could be titanium nitride, but I don’t know if that would have been cost effective for Yomega. :man_shrugging:


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(Joshua) #180


(Joshua) #184

Yeah Dylan K “hot diggity” has done this many times and has done tutorials on it.

Anything I have posted are in my portfolio as colorways and are not applied colorways. These pieces are not in any way hydro or intended to be hydro process. They are meant for electro, ano. For yo-yos.

If this contest is for best ano? I’ll post photos of metal with my Ano work. This is a colorway contest. I think it’s dream colorway.

All of anodization work starts with the colorway.

Asa precursor, I came to find this late- I’m not really sure why I’m seeing so many digitally rendered images of yoyos, did I not do it right? I saw a repost or answered question where you suggested using an image of a yo-yo in which I think you took down posts about software etc.? I apologize as I’m not cutting and reposting quotes, I’m just getting used to the platform. I have adobe suite and graphic design software that I have some really ill images. The problem with this is that it lends to the source in which the person is taking from. AE said: “the secret of creativity is hiding your sources”. So I’m showing you the source, spray paint and chemicals which react with the paint, wax on glass, and oil and acrylic latex. The real McCoy, this is what I would send an ano company in their required template format to achieve the same and desired affect with the recipe. The steps that go into multiple colors or even a single layer. easy and with sub presets in free software it doesn’t require the creativity it’s using someone else’s work. However there is nothing new under the sun, it’s all a remanipulayion of the past, in a stained glass patch quilt.

All of these I want to put hearts on, But I’d cast my vote for turdfurgussen for the art work he and his son made of yo-yos together. That’s pure.



Hi all!
I present the yoyo-cactus!
care that pricks;)



I think it’s just because you’ve seemed to be taking this a little too seriously.

Also, it’s ridiculously hard to really picture a lot of the “colorways” you posted on a yoyo, especially since they are so different and out of convention from really anything anyone’s ever produced as far as yoyo colorways go. Seeing an actual render of your “colorways” on a yoyo would make things a lot easier(which is why that’s what everyone else is doing, also that’s what code suggested to do in the OP). Code did say to make unique and never before seen colorways before but I’m sure he meant in terms of color combinations and different takes on commonly used ano techniques like acid washes or splashes. Your submissions are a little too different and outside of the box, at least for me. They’re nice colorways but they’re what I would imagine for a painting or something of that nature, not on a yoyo.



good morning to everybody!
I add two more designs that have occurred to me, (I have no idea if they could be anonized in real life;)
the reptile and the puzzle
Greetings to all and let there be peace in the community!



(Jolien Tomme) #196

I was thinking , why not make a design too?
Is this already done ?

It’s a yin-yang yo-yo :slight_smile:
Sorry for the crappy drawing. But you got the idea.


(Joshua) #197

I think you’re right. And I appreciate the way you are explaining it in kindness and sincereity. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be snyde or bitter. I take everything seriously, and I get so much fun from it and ultimately joy. You had mentioned some of these would be almost impossible to put on with ano or imagine on a yo-yo. If you don’t mind here are a couple of images of my completed anodized art on a yo-yo. (It’s been done so I didn’t post it and wouldn’t qualify)

Eternal throw,
Ive read the rules, my images qualify. Putting it on a yo-yo was a suggestion not a prerequisite.

I will take down the posts that I have multiple images on if one image, not one submission is basis of the votes. I know I’m not going to win. That’s not point, I’ve never been in a contest and thought it would be fun as the process of creating someones idea into tangible art and putting that art into the ano companies preferred template or digital rendering is the actual process of creating an ano from the idea which transfers into the colorway which the anodized uses to match the color and process. All of those photos I had posted are in the process of digital rendering for myself or a niche expert like Ray from MfD or another ano shop to apply to yo-yos Putting a gradient or a layers of digitally rendered images on a yo-yo is not how you give an ano shop your template however most would accept it and give you a mock up. I think it’s a great way to learn graphic design and how to convey your ideas into a tangible utility.

Oh, here is a shameless plug:

PM me if you want a throw or a whole run anodized.

Thanks again for running an awesome opportunity for people to learn and challenge themselves.




Contest ends in one week, get those entries in if you wanna win!


(ClockMonsterLA) #203

Added renders for a slightly altered take on the Blood Magic concept.


:1st_place_medal: Feryuweryu 13 / 26 :heart:
:2nd_place_medal: ThrowingGnome 24 / 11 :heart:
:3rd_place_medal: Zslane 13 / 14 / 23 / 10 / 10 :heart:
Marm 19 :heart:
Iamkeeler 18 :heart:
TurdFerguson69 17 :heart:
MarkD 17 :heart:
knowledgeablepixels 16 :heart:
Smileypants 12 / 9 :heart:
Throwtrue 8 / 12 :heart:
EOS44 12 :heart:
ethanV 11 :heart:
Shubham 11 / 6 :heart:
Hydrona 9 :heart:
Dalex 8 :heart:
Cowmamba 8 :heart:

Congrats to our winners @feryuweryu with paintings, @TheThrowingGnome with celestial and @zslane with hyperspace! :partying_face:

I also have a bonus runner up prize for @Marm because I personally liked his cat-based design (with engraving!) the most :wink:

PM me your addresses and I’ll get it all mailed out to you!


(Evan Landreneau) #212

Congratulations to everyone that won!


(ClockMonsterLA) #213

So the counts are of the number of Likes each post received, which is confusing when it comes to those posts which proposed multiple colorways. If one were to ask which colorway got the most Likes, which one would it be?


(Victorian YoYos) #214

Congrats to all!


(Justin ) #215

But what about @YoYoExpertGarrett?? I feel like there may have been some bias in this decision :open_mouth: /s