Belt's buckle has caused enough problems... Finally found the solution!

I dont know about you guys, I never see it brought up or talked about, but I have had a problem for a long time now. Every now and then my yoyos would meet my belt buckle in a pinging terrible fashion. This would cause minor damage to the throws and always burned a tiny hole in the front of my shirt that hangs in front of the buckle. 90% of my shirts have gained holes in the same area in the same way for years now. Ive been looking for a long time but never found what I was looking for.

I knew I needed to find a low profile belt, preferably plastic buckle but strong enough to last many years, and for the most part, everything fell short in what I was looking for. . . Untill two days ago. I was at a Zumies (skate shop) in the mall and happened to come across the PERFECT belt.

Its called the Arcade. And it kinda has rocked my world.

You can get them here (  and I cannot recommend them enough. They are SUPER lightweight, stretchy, strong, and the best part is the buckle/latch. Its laughably thin! Maybe 1/8 inch thick at most. Low profile, high tech, and looks fantastic (i got the Midnighter Solid Black one) and I have no doubt Ill buy another one in the near future just to have a backup if I ever need it.

Anyway, I wanted to both share this discovery with you all and at the same time see if anyone else has this problem of yoyos meeting beltbuckles in a mildly destructive fashion. If so, check these belts out, cause DAM! its been a game changer for me. SOOooo comfy and no more problems of hurting my yoyos, and clothes due to a normal belt sticking out just enough to be a target.


I have hit my belt buckle from time to time. Those look great!

Thanks for sharing.

Get ready for the "counterpoint’…

I’m always dinging against the buttons on my dickies work shirts haha! Luckily they don’t cause any damage to the yoyo, but I have had the buttons break before. I don’t think I’ve ever hit my belt though.

Cool you found a solution to your problem. Weird though, I don’t think I’ve ever hit my belt buckle. You need to find me a link to some softer flooring lol.

I bought a nice plush kushy “throw” rug for where I play behind the couch. I hit the floor often, but no damage.

Maybe my old bet was just wrong for the task.

Yeah I have this same problem! I dont wear a large buckle or anything, the belt I have is a more traditional looking one but I keep hitting the metal keeper on it, not the buckle itself.

They’re cool belts anyway, and the prices are reasonable. I’m gonna give them a try.

First my ring, now my belt; soon all of my attire will be dictated by my yoyos! ;D

Pull your shirt over your belt? -_-

I. . . …I can’t tell if you are being serious or not. ::slight_smile:

Try these :


Those are a cool idea! ^^

This saves the shirt but not the yoyo. $20 shirt saved but $200 yoyo dinged? A step in the right direction but not quite there.

Had me worried for a minute. Thought maybe your solution was to not wear pants. :smiley:

Ive never tried that. . . hmmmm hold up.

edit- tried it. Not recommended. :o

Arcade belts are awesome! I’ve been skiing with them for years. Plastic and a perfect fit all the time


Thank you!!! Gotta get that and strings next check haha. Anyone here ever used eagle strings by chance? They sound too good to be true. And described in caps locka

Ive not tried Eagle Strings but I did hear that they were prone to fraying. (hearsay, ive not seen it myself) and this was back at Worlds Cleveland a couple years ago now. They might have gotten better now. I dont hear much about them these days.

Yeah, that used to happen to me all the time. But I didn’t have yoyos getting dinged that I remember, but I sure did end up with a lot of “moth holes” in some pricey loopwheeled tee shirts

you only hurt the ones you love. i’m more inclined to wear clothes to keep the yo-yo from hurting me than the other way around.
it’s okay to scratch your throws.,76516.0.html

My clothes too FAR more damage than any of my throws. Ive got holes in all my favorite shirts all in the same place. I think ive had a non-ano-breaking scuff maybe 3 times. It just sucked each time.