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Gentry Stein Answer Gentry Trivia, Get a Question Answered, and CHANCE to win the new REGEN and other prizes! Evan Nagao Join us this Tuesday through Thursday with the amazing <a class="mention" href="/u/evan_nagao">@Evan_Nagao</a> on the YoYoExpert Forums for an AMA session as he leaves for the <span class="hashtag">#ShangaiShowdown</span>! Hans Van Dan Elzen New forum chat coming soon! Colin Beckford Ask Colin questions this Friday through Sunday (9/14 to 9/16), get answers, and a CHANCE to win the new FLASHBACK and other prizes! Jeffrey Pang Ask Jeffrey Pang questions this Friday through Sunday (1/25 to 1/27), get answers, and a CHANCE to win some great prizes! David Metz David Metz from One Drop will be here Thursday (2/28) to do a Forum Chat and answer your questions! We will be giving away their latest release, the Par Avion, and a few other prizes!
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