My 3 Questions for Brandon Vu

  1. What inspired you to become a yoyo-er and how has it changed you as a person?

  2. Where do you see yoyos and contest going in the future, in general?

  3. What is your favorite types of food per category?

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For me, yoyo-ing has given me more of an opportunity to express myself and relieve stress, while being fun. I do see yoyo-ing becoming more mainstream while still keeping the smaller communities throughout.

Quick Bite of Food: Pizza

Snack: Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavor

Dessert: Very Rarely Eat but a good cake is delicious

Sugary Food: Rarely Eat but a good candy bar is scrumdiddlyumptious.

A Good Customizable Option: The Sandwich

Drink: Water, but something I haven’t tried in years is by far the greatest soda ever invented on this planet

Mountain Dew Baja Blast. There is no soda I have ever tried better than it, in fact, there is no soda ON THIS EARTH, that can outclass its smooth, delectable taste. It is so good. I dont drink soda often but MAMA MIA is it a good soda.


Hey Imdavid212!

Thanks for the questions.

To answer your first one. Hmmm… I’ve never been asked how it changed me. In terms of how I became a Yoyoer. I started off with a mild interest and the more skill I developed the more I started to identify as a “yoyoer”. In terms of how it has changed me… The list would be infinite, but Yoyoing taught me (among other things):

  1. You can connect with people who are completely different to you as long as you have a mutual passion. (Sometimes you don’t even need to speak the same language)

  2. If you consistently dedicate your time to something, no matter how weird or small, it gives you an amazing sense of joy and accomplishment.

  3. Winning is actually super fun! but the moment you get it let to your head it kills the fun in whatever it is you’re doing.

Where do I see the future of Yoyo contests?
I’m of the belief that online contests are the future. I tried to start my own called the Virtual Throw Down, but shut it down as it takes a lot of work to consistently run. I think the landscape, technology and the understanding is all here. I would love to see online contests become as prestigious as in person contests.


Quick Bite of Food: Dorritos
Snack: Probably also Dorritos
Dessert: I’m a big fan of mud cakes.
Sugary Food: You know those sugar coated jelly lollies, those.
A Good Customizable Option: Subway… I do like optimising those.
Drink: Hmmmmm, Energy Drinks, (preferably Monster or Mother), Lattes with 3 sugars and a Coke every now and then is nice.


(currrently eatin doritos)


We are brothers in the Orange-dust triangle crunches.

We dont deserve there crunchy 3 sided chips, but we embrace them

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