Questions for Brandon Vu

Hey Brandon! Thanks for doing this!

My questions:

  1. Did you know that you crushed it in your Variant video part??! I mean really.

  2. It is really cool to see the landscape in southeast Australia (?) where you filmed the video. It’s amazing that this landscape is over 500 million years old - before flowering plants existed, dinosaurs came and went, and now it is full of Eucalyptus forests. Geologically it looks a lot like southern Brazil (pic below) and southern Africa, and was formed at the same time before continental drift. Here it differs because there were glaciers 10,000 years ago covering the landscape (northern North America, Canada), but it has still inspired me to go out and film tricks at some nearby spots. I also spent a week in Perth, Western Australia, and went to Mount Lesueur National Park, a more eroded landscape but with eucalyptus valleys too (pic below too). Lots of kangaroos. Must have been great to yo-yo at that Hang Glider launch pad. Any idea of elevation? Photo below is 1,000 m a.s.l…

Southern Brazil:

Western Australia:

To turn this into a question… will you be at Worlds this year? I saw you went to BAC recently, that’s great, I’ve always wanted to go. What did you think of BAC? How did it compare to say a competition in Australia?

  1. You have some very nice yo-yos and models from Offset Yoyos. Do you think the bimetal design is the ‘peak’ of yo-yo design? Do you have any ideas or theories as to what could be the next step forward in yo-yo design? And do you think that yo-yo diameters will continue to become larger? Do you think there is a max diameter limit for yo-yos? What would be your ideal diameter, and do you think it will change? For me right now it is 56 mm, but this may still be rising?