Mt. YoYo ...... First Video!

Hey, I’m new to this forum! And this is my brothers and I first yoyo video, let me know what you think!

Wow that was wicked… i cant believe how awesome that was put together. love the scenery soo much. and the tricks were cool too, the yoyos were awesome.

the MK shirt was awesome too.

what program are you using to edit?

thanks! we put it together with imovie. its a program on the imacs. and thanks for the compliments. :slight_smile:

where was that, i love vids that are in nature but out here in the desert i can only get sand, cacti, and rocks for nature vids, well unless i’m willing to drive north for 3 hours

we filmed this in the uintah mountains. there in utah. if you ever get the chance to go there do it!

That was put together amazingly well. Loved the background. Loved the yoyoing. Loved the video. :slight_smile: I also liked the shot at 1:02-1:10.

haha thats funny because i didn’t like the shot as well, im glad you like it

nice video beauitful scenery.

when i was watching i thought, “wow that looks like Utah.” I went and read the coments and was like wow! I visited Utah once. It seemed like everyone there was friendly and nice. Great vid

Welcome to the forum.
The video was nicely put together, and the scenery was really great.
To me it didn’t seem like there was that many different tricks. I could be mistaken, but it looked like it was the same tricks over and over again - or tricks that looks very similar.
But I enjoyed the video. Well done.

i don’t need to know anything about how long you have been throwing to enjoy that video. you guys are awesome!

Thanks for all of the comments. me and my bro were excited to make this so im glad people liked it. and again thanks for the comments!

The only word that came out my mouth was AWESOME!!!
Nice video