Today Was a Good Day-My First real yoyo video.

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So do you guys want to see more videos from me?


Great tricks.
What yoyos??


it says at the end of the vid. Great vid M.Dev1, loved the ending

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Thanks for the support and the idea for the ending was thought up after a mistake I made where I threw the counter weight up and it got stuck in the tree!


That was awesome. Love the plugs.


Nice video! For some reason the whole atmosphere reminded me of a Guy Wright.


NICCE BRAH! but seriously good job :wink:


That was great. Awesome branch mount at the end. :wink:


That was seriously entertaining. You’ve got great presence as well as top skills!

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I was going for a Guy Wright feel as he and Nate Sutter are two of my all time favorite players!

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bump, and edited original post with a question for all you guys.


Heck yeah I’d love to see more stuff from you!


absolutely! :slight_smile:


Some great shots just a bit out of the frame, but really nice video man.

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Thug life bump.

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bump need some more opinions on the video.


Excellent! Would love to see a full-length video, your tricks are great. :slight_smile: Although at a couple of points it was a bit hard to see the string. Maybe wear a black shirt next time.


I agree with all of this. Great job, nice tricks and i love the branch mount haha. Keep it up and make some more videos!!!

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My yo-yo knotted up when I saw this…

(M.DeV1) #20

Lol I tend to have that affect! :wink: