Wow that is actually very entertaining to watch. You have some great tricks. It all looks great with ht camera angle, makes me remember that i have to order my head mount soon.

Plethora of more tricks off camera, as well as learning more down the road!
I’m not very good aha just started a couple months ago, but I enjoy doing it quite a bit.

I’m excited too upload more videos soon.
This was mostly testing my camera.

Thanks for looking at it! I appreciate the comment! I picked my head mount up at bestbuy for around 15 bucks.

Great video, but I’m skeptical of the “just started yoyoing”. :wink: It’s not that it was all difficult (some of it was on the simple side, too!), it’s that it was smooth and confident. That kind of facility doesn’t usually come within a month or two to most people!

Agreed with the above comment: an entertaining video to watch!

Register date October 19th! Be even more skeptical when I tell you I’m a full time college student and employee and only throw a couple times a week!

Haha but I get it. Remember your only seeing the edit, when it comes to throwing I kind of just go! I don’t work on perfecting a trick. if I cant finish a specific trick, I just improvise the rest

Thanks for watching Greg:)

you need a vaccum :stuck_out_tongue: btw whats the name of first song?

Ha! Yeah my girlfriend has birds it gets messy.
The first song is The Walker, by Fitz and the Tantrums. Off their “More than Just a Dream” album.
Here’s a link:

Thanks for watching by the way I appreciate it!

come on man you cant play fitz on a record player. you shoulda used louie armstrong or something for your video haha

haha, Next time I’ll play some Louis Armstrong just for you.
Already a new vid in the making!