The video in which I try to look better at yoyoing than I actually am.

Please watch in HD.

It was a bit rushed.

Dang. That was fantastic sir. Incredible quality!

Please make more videos.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Planning on making some more soon.

Great video!

Really good!

Did you have ear plugs in or hearing aid?

Awesome video! Your style is very smooth and the quality of the video was great.

My personal opinion (for what it’s worth) is that you fist pump after tricks too much. Maybe cut it so there’s one at the end, but doing it every time is almost like patting yourself on the back if that makes sense.

To end on a high note, I wish my style was as clean as yours. Great job!

Thanks. :slight_smile: And I just had headphones, I find it a lot more fun to yoyo to music.

I agreee with you on the fist pumps…I do it a lot, but after I edited the video and uploaded it, I noticed that I left them in way too much. Thanks for the comment, I’ll fix that on the next video. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually after watching it again, I only fist pumped twice, but they were in a row. Should have changed that. :stuck_out_tongue:

What really makes you look professional is the jeans that everyone wears in the videos

good job man!! loved the vid and the music was sweet1!!


Thanks man. :slight_smile:

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you look just like a pro that was great