Please watch! ---- Obsession



Nice shirt you got there. :wink:
(ahem NH yoyo club represent ahem)

Also, amazing video! probably your best yet. :slight_smile:


good stuff Matthew!!!
i always love your videos!
such great precision and flow! i just got into 5a put up a short video check that junk out brahhhh!



I’ll be sure to check it out!


That was the sickest one yet! I loved it. If you did all the filming and editing yourself, that was a great job too. That was cool seeing you rocking the NH Yo-Yo Club T-shirt. Great tricks…as always. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot!

Yeah, I did all the filming and editing by myself, well except for the Atv part! :smiley:




Holy jumpin’, Matthew. That’s some amazing stuff.

The finger grind + cup grind bind is nutty, and then at 0:58 you regen from it and I’m like :o :o

Other amazing stuff in there, too. Channeling a lot of the smooth flow players (Guy Wright, for example) either subconsciously or consciously. Just amazing.


Wow! I didn’t know it was that amazing!

Yeah, I’ve been trying recently to become more “flowy”. I guess it’s working! I just do what’s natural and it comes out great!



“He’s obsessed”
That made me laugh ;D


Haha, yeah, My brother randomly walked by the camera and said it. :stuck_out_tongue: Gave me a great name for a video too!


Lastttt bumpppp


Very Nice! youve got some great tricks!!


Thanks! I tried to make this my best video!


Okay, this is my last bump! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sick vid. Lol I see so much of my style in your style…lol its like we are connected or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent video, as always :slight_smile:

Lots of flow, lots of skill.


Thanks for the nice words! ;D


Haha such a good video! Was that your brother? And of coarse… the chickens. ;D


Yup! That was my brother!

Thanks a lot!