Las Chaquetas

Hey!  A new video from me?  No way!  It took a while for me to get myself to do this!  Haha!  Thanks for watching!

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Also, sorry about the fuzziness in some of it.  :-\

Oh, it looks a little better with HD too…

Really enjoyable! Were you actually throwing to that particular song? So many string hits on-beat, which was great.

Fantastic sense of timing and rhythm… not just charging through a bunch of tricks.

Moar, plz!

(Funny, I think I subscribe already, but I still rely on YYE to bring people’s videos to my attention. :wink: )

Awesome! I really liked that, keep em coming!

Thanks! Actually… It’s one of my favorite songs so it was in my head for some of the video… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for watching and liking! I really appreciate it!

Awesome vid. Smooth flow like butter!


You look like McLovin’!

Sweet tricks

Never been called that one before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! Thanks guys! I really appreciate the kind words!

I felt like you have a twin brother that was also yoyos haha but sick video

My sisters using the computer and the video isn’t available on mobile. Errrrrrrrr…

Nice! Smooth, flowy, awesome!

He’s not a twin. :wink: He’s twelve, and he also yoyos.

That was ManofMystery walking behind me in the part…


Watch itttt

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Know any good sources to learn yoyo tricks? i cant find anymore! lol, whered you learn yours?

Haha. I actually make up a lot of my tricks, experimenting with different mounts is really fun.

But is a really good website and it has a bunch of tutorials!
It was that good.

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Very good, very good indeed.

Thanks! You’re really good too!


Please watch! Comment!

Very nice! I love watching vids where I can see more than 2 inches of string (I’m exaggerating a little). How long can you throw outside before your fingers get too numb to throw?

All I have is love for this video! You did it again,now I’m just waiting for that “other” video of yours… :wink:

Sadly enough, my “other” video may not be happening… It might, I hope so, but the camera didn’t really pick up the string that well. :-\

Thanks for the compliments!