My 10-month video

I know it’s repetitive, but it’s where I am with my yoyoing.

thanks for watching.  :slight_smile:

Bomb choice of song. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the vid! Nice locations, good combos, and I’m glad you kept the occasional mistake in there, too; keeps it human.

Because the string seemed on the thinner side and wasn’t a bright colour, I found myself watching the path of the yoyo more than what the strings were doing. Which is a pretty cool way to watch some yoyoing going down. I wonder if more people thought about the movement of their yoyo instead of the complexity of their string patterns if we would see more flow.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the kind words, GregP!

Your string blended in with your shirt…

waahhhh cry about it. lol.

Good stuff broham! I suggest you learn the matrix, its a good flowy trick to put in a combo, if you want I can make a video to teach you some flowy moves man! keep the good stuff coming!

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Sweet video and nicely done. (Was I the only one that almost had a heart attack when the Avalanche dropped so close to the ground at the beginning?)

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Yeah, I didn’t think about it when I decided to shoot video. I have yet to really sit down and plan out a video. It would probably help if I had someone else doing the camera work, to catch the little things, so I can just worry about throwing.

Thanks, YoRED! I actually stuck the matrix in a couple times–once at 2:00, and again at 3:32. Didn’t repeat 'em, so they’re easy to miss. I’d dig it if you posted some of your flow!

Haha! Thanks, Behemoth! I’ll let you in on a secret: you know that first quick drop that you barely see in the beginning? It actually did hit the deck! So yeah, you weren’t the only one. :wink:

Loved the intro, the yoyo looks awesome while spinning haha.

Nice video, liked the song too.

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Thanks, Owen! I was hoping the pear blossoms would be falling–it would be like big, fat snowflakes without the hand-numbing cold!

Hahaha yeah, I wish I could have that here in MI this time of year, but NO… I have to settle for hand numbing cold and snow :wink:

Nice! Gotta love that panther string :wink: During the intro I was like…Oh NO! He’s not gonna walk the dog is he?!? Haha, very nice video! Keep up the solid flow :smiley:

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