Q's for Brandon

What’s up Brandon! Watched a bunch of your videos, and waiting on your next review, and thanks for your reply!

  1. What’s your least favorite shape (H,O,V, etc.)on a throw?

  2. What was the last throw you bought? And whats a throw you are looking forward to buying?

  3. Any talks about a Titanium throw?

  4. If you could Collaborate with a Company who would it be? And why?

  5. If the Outlier was a type of Food what would it be? Lol

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Hey One4All,

  1. Least favorite shape… Hmm… As most people know, I really like V & H and angluar shapes. Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate nice rounded O shape yoyos, but I wouldn’t compete with them, so least favourite would be the rounded.

  2. Hmmm, last Yoyo I bought I believe was the YYF Wedge. I really wanted one and I just bought it. A yoyo I want right now is the Magic Yoyo Aurora, haven’t bought one yet though.

  3. Nothing in the works yet, but I’d be keen to try it out. Maybe Jeff Pang and I are due for another collab :wink:

  4. I really wanted to collab with MagicYoyo. Hmmm I think Throw Revolution would be good to colab with, Me and Marcus generally see eye to eye.

  5. It’d probably be like a dorrito. Angular, generally pretty agreeable, and has a lot of slight variants with each chip HAHA.

Thanks for the questions!!