Whats Your Favorite Throw?!?!?!


This thing.


You can throw it well? I’ve heard from more than one person who used it or has it that the shape is not very comfortable … has a not very convenient catch-zones to grab …

I wager andy throws it well! It’s his favorite (the title of the thread) and I’ll up the ante and bet there are others that love it too.

I’d love to try it! :slight_smile:

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Core co. Standard it’s so much fun

yes, but perhaps you may prefer a yoyo, playing very well, although it has an aspect that is not the best, for this motive I was wondering

Magnum. And generally stuff made out of magnesium.

It definitely hurts more on a bad catch than other throws ::slight_smile:

Overall it’s not as comfortable as most but it’s not a big issue for me. It just plays so well at all of the elements I enjoy. Very quick, nimble, and responsive, great for fingerspins and grinds, and horizontal is just TOO GOOD. Not to mention it has a beautiful yet minimalistic look :slight_smile:

Also, Julio’s still tweaking the design so I’m sure he’s considered that from others who have thrown it and given input on it so production model might have a slightly more forgiving shape.

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Favorite? I can’t choose just one…

-eternal throw curvy donut man
-c3 move
-yyf horizon

Lately been playing only Chief, FHZ, and this puppy:

Top 3 (If i could only have 3 in a deserted island type thing) -
Tundra AMS

Hard to pick from a few in my current collection of 6. It’d be between my Markmont Next, Haymaker, and Evora. The Next would probably win if I had to pick just one of those.

But…the Sovereign is my overall favorite that I’ve owned/tried. I shouldn’t have sold it.

For 1A play, if I could only choose one, it would have to be my YYR Lilliputian.

If I could have three I’d take my CLYW Scout 7075 and Big Dipper (gotta have some plastic!).

For fixed axle it would be my TMBR Moxon for sure!

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

Yoyojam ringmaster pre production version

Really hard to narrow down. I love these ones.http://imageshack.com/a/img921/6594/byx9aH.jpg
(from the 1200 position going clockwise) CoreCo standard, Duncan diversion with clear FHZ caps, FH2 from before the sticker recess that has been highwalled and siliconed with Higby painted pogs, a special edition FHZ that has been siliconed gifted to me by a good friend, Werrd minute gifted to me by another good friend, and a Duncan aluminum zero.


My Gradient. But i still love the original yyj hitman too. It just feels so oldschool :smiley:

OD Burnside. Still love how it feels.

  1. Recess Vacation
  2. CLYW Orca
  3. MarkMont Classic

All of those in your sig look pretty sick😀