YoYo's that have Stood the Test of Time- Must Haves in Every Collection

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Just thinking about this a few minutes ago.

What yoyos, in your opinion, have stood the test of time and are throws that are a MUST HAVE in every good player/collectors arsenal?

If you’re a noob/haven’t been around long, please don’t answer lol.

Im thinking the Peak, Project, 888, etc.



First came the 09 severe.
Then the 2010.
Then the supernova. ( which if you dont know, was modeled after the severe, pretty much making it the severe 3)

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CODE1 for me.


the imperial


The No-Jive.

(UmeNagisa) #6



and a FHZ

(Big Mike) #8

There’s a lot of history in the original Hitman.

(Jei Cheetah) #9

Original speeder.


I think with the sheer sales and success of the DM2, while it may not hold high monetary value, I think the DM2 has got to be on that list. So many of us have gotten our start with that one.


FHZ is a must.

The lyn fury and the dark magic (as well as some other YYJ plastics / bi materials) are still excellent players today.


Duncan Butterfly.

My first throw.


Same here


High Five


Peak. Still in very high demand after years of being gone.


Agreed. :slight_smile:

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Must haves? I don’t know if I believe in must haves any longer. I used to but now as I look back on my own yoyo experience, I realize that my experience is very different from others while sharing some similarities. What was right for me could be very wrong for you. I guess for me it would be “must try” instead of “must have”.

  1. Wooden yo with a fixed wooden axle.
  2. A transaxle.
  3. A bearing yoyo.

Each of those has it’s own characteristics and makes the others’, unique characteristics, very apparent.

Really, that pretty much covers it for me.


Original Hitman just because JD’s 2003 Worlds freestyle was mind-blowing.


Dark Magic OG. Hitman OG. Speeder OG. so much history behind these three throws.