YoYo's that have Stood the Test of Time- Must Haves in Every Collection

Just thinking about this a few minutes ago.

What yoyos, in your opinion, have stood the test of time and are throws that are a MUST HAVE in every good player/collectors arsenal?

If you’re a noob/haven’t been around long, please don’t answer lol.

Im thinking the Peak, Project, 888, etc.


First came the 09 severe.
Then the 2010.
Then the supernova. ( which if you dont know, was modeled after the severe, pretty much making it the severe 3)

CODE1 for me.

the imperial

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The No-Jive.



and a FHZ

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There’s a lot of history in the original Hitman.

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Original speeder.

I think with the sheer sales and success of the DM2, while it may not hold high monetary value, I think the DM2 has got to be on that list. So many of us have gotten our start with that one.


FHZ is a must.

The lyn fury and the dark magic (as well as some other YYJ plastics / bi materials) are still excellent players today.

Duncan Butterfly.

My first throw.

Same here

High Five

Peak. Still in very high demand after years of being gone.

Agreed. :slight_smile:


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Must haves? I don’t know if I believe in must haves any longer. I used to but now as I look back on my own yoyo experience, I realize that my experience is very different from others while sharing some similarities. What was right for me could be very wrong for you. I guess for me it would be “must try” instead of “must have”.

  1. Wooden yo with a fixed wooden axle.
  2. A transaxle.
  3. A bearing yoyo.

Each of those has it’s own characteristics and makes the others’, unique characteristics, very apparent.

Really, that pretty much covers it for me.

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Original Hitman just because JD’s 2003 Worlds freestyle was mind-blowing.


Dark Magic OG. Hitman OG. Speeder OG. so much history behind these three throws.