Must Have Yoyos

Out of curiosity, what yoyos do you consider are “must haves” in a yoyoer’s arsenal?
(Or at least what yoyos do you think everyone needs to at least try?)

I’m thinking:

Dark Magic

That’s a pretty solid list.

The Tiwalkwr though, I feel is a more of a must try rather than must have, as they’re far and few between. I let a bunch of people throw mine at Worlds, but it’ll never be for sale!

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Definitely. If only there were more :stuck_out_tongue:

FHZ, Dark Magic, Shutter

No Jive

Everything else is just what suit your preferences :slight_smile:

Dark magic or dm2
A wood fixed axel (such a different experience)

Shutter, mighty flea :wink:

First time I threw a mighty flea, I busted out laughing with enjoyment. It was great.

Mighty Flea, and a B!ST Tondo (man, I’d kill for one of those)

I love this old pic👍

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Looks like heaven :heart_eyes:

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

That’s just cruel lol :slight_smile:

Noone should be without a Kilter 2.

If all my yoyos suddenly blew up except for that, I’d be just fine.

Lol, you didn’t choose like your yoyos get stollen, lost, or anything like that, but suddenly blow up.

S.Y.C. Spontaneous Yoyo Combustion. its a real thing man, look it up. Its horrible. :wink:

Well, when someone comes after you, sometimes they blow up the things you love… like your yoyo collection. Luckily he keeps a Kilter 2 on him at all times.

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I’d have to say Chief, eh, Dark Magic, Peak, Wooly Marmot, and Project. Just my opinion

Tundra, Evora, Draupnir, Leo Sniper MKII, a smooth OG Yeti that doesn’t eat strings, something Anti-yo, Sovereign, Markmont Classic, Markmont. Next, Masamini, SPYY Addiction v2.

I really want to eventually try a TiWalker and an OG Peak, but unless somebody owns one in Minnesota and I ever met up with them at a future MWR, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get to. Hoping the rumored/planned anniversary Peak is really, really close to the original with modern guts.

The ruined Tundras are a damn shame. It has the potential to be an iconic titanium IMO, just so few of them that’s it’s unlikely they’ll ever exchange hands much.

There seems to be two threads of thought here.

Are they “Must have” because of play? Or, are they “Must have” because they are collectible?

Models like the Peak or the Sovereign fall into the collectible category. Tons of history, but the play is probably better on more modern designs.

In terms of play, then the YYR Draupnir seems a no-brainer. While the Ti-Walker is still a favorite, it falls somewhere in between. Even though the Ti-Walker still can play with the best; I would rather have the Japan Technology Rebira or the YYF Ti-Dream; all day long.

I think both trains of thought are fitting for this. Some are must have/play because they’re iconic. Some are because they’re incredible performance-wise. A couple I mentioned were personal picks, but might not be for somebody else.

For example, I think the Sovereign fits in just fine. Sure, its profile and size aren’t exactly modern, but it still showcases the abilities of titanium plenty well IMO. If you play cleanly, it has a ton of spin power thanks to the ridiculous weight distribution. Plus, it has the added collectability of being the first OD titanium. I dunno, overall I just think it’s a neat representation of that time frame in yo-yo history.