What's the best, numero uno yoyo out there?

Is there a number one, holy grail, single yoyo out there that 99% of players would pick if they could get it?


In my opinion, no.


Circa 2013-ish it was the Draupnir for sure (at least as a fantasy, because it was and is very expensive and an early bimetal). But today not really; everything is so dang good, it’s easier to pick out the rare bad yoyos than the embarrassment of riches that is the good ones.

You can also refer to this excellent topic for what was “hot” each year:


I agree with Coding. I still believe the Draupnir is THE best yoyo, but it definitely has a lot of competition so it’s not as clear cut anymore.

Back around the time it was released however, if someone told me ANY yoyo was better than the Draupnir, I would’ve laughed in their face.


The Edge Beyond, it has won worlds

na there isn’t a ‘best’ yoyo, all down to opinion. evan didn’t win because he used the edge beyond, but because he has pure skill. the player chooses the yoyo that suits their style


Definitely not. There isn’t even concensus on the best yoyo for a particular type of trick (e.g. speed combos). When people make favorites lists it amazes me how little crossover exists. I would hazard that the MMC might come closest.


No there isn’t.


And then people will amble by and tell you… well, actually, it’s called the MC not the MMC :wink:

We can’t even agree on that!


I think there is. I’m lucky enough to own lots of yoyos. If I was forced to keep only one it would be my TiWalker. I think anyone that owns one would likely say the same thing. I’m curious if there are any TiWalker owners out there that have a different pick.

@yoyodoc you have more yoyos than I, would you pick something other than the Walker if you were forced to make a choice?


That’s a very different phrasing of the question, though… if you were forced to keep only one, I’d go titanium as well to ensure durability long term.

But in general I don’t feel titanium adds enough to make it worth the cost – I would gladly recommend people buy 3 (or more!) great monometals or bimetals instead of a single titanium for the same price.


What would those monometals and bi metals be?

Lol I assure you I’m not just making this up as I go along. This question is asked every time he has a new sig yoyo, and he gives the same answer every time. MN, not MMN etc. Even if you look at how he spells it how Mark spells it, not how other people take the liberty of spelling it, it’s Markmont. One capital M.


Evan did a better performance at US nats with a normal edge. But I like the feeling of the beyond better IMO.


Man… doesn’t ‘anybody’ actually pay attention to the actual question?

Let’s go back to home plate and actually understand the question.

Question: Is there a number one, holy grail, single yoyo out there that 99% of players would pick if they could get it?

First of all; since most likely 99 percent of all people in the history of Worldwide yoyo use; have Never even touched a Ti Walker; how could even a Cretan using 4 percent of his mental capacity; actually conclude or even suggest that 99 percent of yoyo users would select/and/or decide; that the Ti Walker would/could/should be/ can be/ might be/ would be their Holy Grail yoyo?

The hypothetical states, ‘What would the players pick if they could get one’? There is no mention of any parameter regarding financial limitations. Only which one would they pick if—-they could?

The question says nothing about making an intentional decision to buy 3 less expensive yoyos because you could probably get 3 yoyos for the price of a Ti; making a Ti yoyo a poor deal/decision?

…So; if 99 percent could pick one single yoyo… if they could get it; is almost as Looney tunes as some of the responses above mine.

My only feeling of guilt is my being dumb enough to be surprised by people that simply don’t pay attention to what they read; to the point that I responded.

Haha Haha.:clown_face:

Personally; I could narrow it down to two yoyos. And then I would flip a coin on which one to keep. And I would not feel sad regardless if the coin came up heads or tails.


Can I have a Ti Walker?


Note: the text below is not in disagreement with noodles. It is simply expanding my view of what he meant. I am in full alignment with he view…

Question? Was Evan in close proximity to the Edge Beyond when ‘it won Worlds’?

Or did the Edge Beyond win Worlds and then Evan retrieved it from the stage?

Reality check; Even won Worlds while using an Edge Beyond.

No doubt the yoyo he was throwing is an excellent yoyo.

But if Evan would have gone onstage after borrowing any good yoyo from somebody in the audience; he probably still would have won.:jack_o_lantern:

The Edge Beyond did not win Worlds.

Evan won Worlds while using the Beyond.

The yoyo comes with no tricks included. The tricks are provided by the guy attached to the other end of the string.


So by this logic the only possible answer to the question has to be a yoyo that has been used or touched by 99% of yoyo users? Then it’s an unanswerable question.

I didn’t choose it because it’s titanium, although that’s a nice bonus. I chose it because out of the couple hundred yoyos I own I like the way it plays the best. :slight_smile:


That’s interesting, because I haven’t heard that much TiWalker love from the reddit community over the last 12 months. @chaosgow is about the only guy who ever brings it up over there. Another frequent poster, @weebus (who helicoiled my broken G2 throwers swirl, thank you man!) has 'em all and said the TiWalker was great for its time (2011?), but stuff like the D–runner was ultimately a bit better due to being more modern.

I get the sense it was way ahead of its time, which is awesome, but better than every single modern yoyo today? Unlikely.

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Responding to Vegabomb>>> The Original thread starting question is more of a conundrum than a valid question. A puzzle can only be solved if it is presented knowing beforehand that there is a valid, reasonable and logical solution.

The question in its’ form is a hypothetical improbability. Nobody can make a valid conclusion based on the question as it is structured.

To answer Codinghorrors reply>>> the Ti Walker obviously came out many years ago. And since it was released; at least a few hundred very good to excellent yoyos have been released.

I don’t have every excellent yoyo in existence. I have not tried every excellent yoyo ever made. So I can only base my favorites list of most excellent yoyos; from the yoyos I personally own or have at least thrown for a day or so.

I have at the very least; several dozen of the very best playing yoyos to be found.

And considering every one of them; I would not hesitate to say that if the Ti Walker was released Tomorrow; it would still be Amazing. To me it is still a benchmark yoyo. I would not conclude that it is the best yoyo ever.

But I would say it is the best overall yoyo I have… And I have a whole lotta yoyos.


^^^what he said. :slight_smile: