Have you found your "perfect" yoyo???


Hey everyone!

Has anyone found their “perfect” yoyo?

I just got a G Squared Albatross and it’s amazing
Everytime I throw it theres just something about it that I cant describe
When I think of the ideal yoyo this one matches it perfectly

Just wondering what other yoyos hold this spot in other peoples cases!


Ive tried a lot, and the gsquared triton is my ‘one’


Nope, nothing I own feels “perfect”. Guess I’ll have to keep searching and buying :stuck_out_tongue:


General yo hatrick. Small and compact, can’t even feel it at the bottom of the string, and undersized.


7075 Genesis (Luis Edition)
Puffin 2


It may be my YYF CZM84VK.


C3 Krown

I never yoyo anymore, though.




Nah. Gambit and Puffin 2 come pretty close.

For now.


Seriously, though, I love rotating through most of my throws for different reasons. I’m as happy hucking around the Pacquiao as I am the Krown.


Tied between a P2 and Y Factor for me, but I own neither of them right now >.>
First high-end metal was a Fade to Jade P2 and I still have dreams about that beauty.


Mr Butcher :slight_smile:


Yeah. Then a few weeks later I found an even more perfect one. Then that one stopped being perfect but luckily I found one that wasn’t perfect before but somehow became perfect. This has happened many times over the past 6 years.


Right now my m10. Dead smooth, spins forever, and a weird combo of floaty but solid.


As of now, it’s the gnarwhal 2.

(Trevor Boice) #15

Original Genesis

(2Sick Joey) #16

My limited edition speckle Wrath! My favorite Yoyo with probably my favorite anodizing. Perfect amount of playability with looks.


I think my chief is my perfect yoyo. Good size and weight, floaty yet solid. Fast but not crazy and still somewhat nimble on the string.


Quake. Perfect in every way.


Proto or production?


2sickyoyo gambit for NR, Steve Brown Sig Freehand I bought in 2003-2004? for responsive.