What's the best, numero uno yoyo out there?

Yeah, I’m kinda anti-titanium as far as “number one” because it ascribes a mystical significance to the material that … I have never really found to be the case in actual play. And I own probably ~10 titanium yoyos? For me, design trumps material all day, every day.

I am totally down with TiWalker being far ahead of its time, and better (due to design changes) than the aluminum one it was supposed to be a “clone” of, e.g.

Those of you who have written this yo-yo off as nothing more than a titanium Sky Walker clone could not be more wrong. I would even go so far as to say that Heath is wrong for saying it as well. Pretty much everything but the hub in the center of the cup is different from the original design. The Ti-Walker is a brand new design that gives great performance at a decent price tag considering that it is made from titanium.

The same guy ↑ ↑ said he thought the Sovereign was slightly better than the TiWalker, too.

One thing I need to clarify. I am only going to say this because of something you stated about Titanium and a possible mythical material status thing…

When I say good things about the Ti Walker; I am not at all saying its’ legend is based on it being made of Titanium.

My personal opinion of the Ti Walker is based on the way it plays; regardless of what material was used in its’ construction.

When I stated the Ti Walker is still amazing; even in comparison to other more modern yoyos; I make no suggestions that its’ titanium Construction is what makes it a beast.

… Now; it is reasonable to suggest that the potential for moving around the weight distribution to achieve optimum performance; is directly a result of Titaniums’ inherent strengths and latitude in taking advantage of those strengths(thick here/ thin there, etc).

Bottom line. I really like the Ti Walker because I really like the Ti Walker.

Not primarily based on it being made of titanium.

Clear as mud?



The Ti Walker is the best yo-yo experience I have ever had.

From the moment they were announced, to the trembling anticipation of hoping that when released, you could actually grab one and complete the check-out in time; to the moment it arrived; it was perfect. Opening the box and throwing it for the first time; you saw the clouds part, the sun shown brightly and the angels sang.

That is what makes it the best yo-yo for me.

The only ones that have come close are the YYR Draupnir and the Crowd-Sourced YYF Ti Dream.


Exactly. The question asks for a consensus conclusion that I don’t believe is achievable, or testable for correctness.

I will say, however, that all this talk of the TiWalker has me really curious to try one out. Given its rarity, I will probably never get chance to do that, but I’m curious nonetheless.

If you cannot find a Ti-Walker, get a YYF Ti Dream. That is VERY close to the feel of a Ti-Walker IMHO. Fabulous throw.


Hmm does @yoyodoc agree with that sentiment? Or @vegabomb?

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I read and clicked the like on @YoyoGeezer post. I do agree.


Interesting that there’s never been toooo much talk about the Ti Dream then…


We both do… I have 5 Ti Dreams…

I have 2 of the blue, 1 purple, 1 raw and one raw; specifically for grinding pavement.

A most excellent titanium yoyo.


I have often wondered if Ti-Walker is actually the code name for a conspiracy to make yoyoers of subsequent years feel inadequate.

It is incomprehensible to me that any yoyo could be so unique and distinctive in it’s design and play that it has no match nor equal; and that this uniqueness would be counted in it’s favour by all who wield it.


It is what is known as the Cult of Ownership.


@vegabomb and @yoyodoc keep reminding me with their posts that I need to track down a TiWalker one of these days.


I honestly just can’t believe any ONE yo-yo is that amazing, period. I have hundreds and I could maybe narrow it down to a top 20 if pressured… which would be largely based on my personal quirks and preferences… but top ONE? There is no such thing! Especially today when every yo-yo released is basically amazing due to the quality of machining and bearings out there.

I think it’s more useful to discuss the worst yo-yos. At least there the criteria used is clear and distinct, and everyone can mostly agree on it – plus you get broad categories of stuff to avoid in yo-yo design out of those discussions.

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You should be aware, I try to make it clear that it’s my favourite, not the best. Best to me is entirely subjective since we all want different things in a yoyo.


There were 90 TiWalkers made, they’re by no means impossible to find. Every person I’ve ever spoken to that has even tried one has said what a fantastic yoyo it is. It has quite the lasting power!


What…that’s an insane collection.


It’s like…what is the absolute best type of music?


There are probably people out there who own multiple Walkers, cause I’ve been trying extremely hard, and so far, I’ve had zero luck finding one.

At this point, however, I have to say, it’s just about curiosity. Like Codinghorror and many others have stated, I don’t believe there’s a single yoyo that can be considered the best. I also don’t think titanium is some kind of magical material that can improve every single yoyo in existence that was manufactured using different materials.

Admittedly, I do like the sound the material makes when the string touches it as well as the overall feeling, and that’s why I own and keep purchasing additional titaniums.