Best yoyo of all time?

Ok so put your choice in
best under $200
best under $100
best under $50
Best no price limit

The YYR Draupnir has had the reputation of being the best yoyo on the market since it’s release in 2013 (2012?).

This reputation has faded a little bit since around 2015 as more new yoyos have been made but there hasn’t been another yoyo that’s really challenged the Draup’s rep since its release.

Some people are probably going to disagree with me but I’m not necessarily saying the Draupnir IS the best yoyo as its very subjective. But, I will say that if there was a poll for best yoyo, the Draupnir would definitely win because there’s a fair amount of people who do believe it is the best yoyo. Or at least more so than any other throw on the market.

TiWalker perhaps.

Good point. The few that have tried a TiWalker often say it’s one of the best yoyos they’ve played. Maybe something like the Luftverk Fulvia BTM-R too.

The Draupnir is just more easily accessible though so more people have tried it.

Probably the Butterfly, I mean it’s been around the longest of any yoyo on the market :slight_smile:

Must be pretty good to last on the market over 50 years. Actually a Duncan Imperial has been around even longer. So probably the Imperial ;D

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The only reason why I dont have a Draupnir is because of the price tag

I think there have been strong points given to each choice so far…but I agree with Steve…we need to classify this into groups…
Say a under $100 best
A under $200 best
And a no limit best
What do you guys think? Should the groups be even smaller…say $50 and under
$100 and under
$150 and under
You get the idea now…? Anyway…

Yeah actually that’s a good idea ill change the description

Ok so put your choice in
best under $200
best under $100
best under $50
Best no price limit

Best is purely subjective to the beholder. Ones best is another worst. Ditch the idea of “best” and embrace the idea of “appropriate” for you and where you are at on your yoyo path.

That being said, MY bests would be

No limit- AMS Tundra
Under 200- YYR Valkyrie, Chief, Puffin2
Under 100- Manatee, Peak2
Under 50- Shutter

Only one I dont own is a Peak2 but I do have a 3rd run Peak, so I think thats close enough to call. :slight_smile:

200- g2 wol

No limit - Masamune, Fulvia BTM-R*
200 - Knight, Ignition*
100 - Kenshin
50 - Kilter, Corruption*

*-haven’t tried, just speculation

No doubt…just look at the fun they are having…

so much stuff! ;D

S.Kon’s Nostalgia still amazes me every time I see it. It’s incredible the amount of work and expertise that went into making that, and the end result is beautiful.

If you got the paultry $ 3,770.50, They are for sale if you google “skon nostalgia” itll be the first hit. In stock even!!

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if you like the mod … this was undoubtedly the undisputed king (we have never been great friends … but we should recognize what is right  :))



My words exactly. What an ART!