If you could only pick one: A yoyo everyone should try?

Like the title says. If you could only pick one (yoyo that you personally have thrown) what would it be and why?

Current yoyos that everyone could buy right now, hands down the Küntosh.

One Drop Vanguard. Idk why. But it is the best yoyo I have ever thrown. I always seem to go back to it over and over

Igloo hands down

I’d have to say Firrox, it’s pretty unique. I might also have to say Radical Seas Oracle which is becoming a favorite. Both are pretty unique bimetals.

I’ve played a Vanguard and had trouble putting it down, and was about to buy a b-grade/nqp at BAC until it clicked in that the OD table was cash only. As ThinkH20 said, Vanguard is a nice bang for the buck (and USA made too)

Yomega Alpha Wing.
Everyone should try a cheap fixed axle.


A good smooth Yeti. It’s an experience.

Totally a spin dynamics alter ego. It’s just soooooo good.

Not necessarily to own, because they’re not easy to come by, but a TiWalker. Flavors of the month come and go, but ~6 years later and it still holds its own. Every thrower should at least throw one at some point.

One Drop MarkMont. Classic

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Honestly, I would say a Duncan butterfly. I think people should try to use them extensively.

  1. Takes you back to the basics
  2. Cheap fixed axel fun
  3. Many people skip over the simple things in yoyoing, which I think people should really learn
  4. A challenge

MarkMont Classic, Kuntosh, Vanguard, Format:C, Summit (or 7 Summits), Topdeck, Victory and Dynamo. Those are my current favorite full size metal throws. My favorite plastic is, hands down, the Cabal, but I love my Diffusion. I think everyone should try a Cascade, Dietz, Cafe Racer, and Yelets. Those are all on the small side, rather unusual, and a lot of fun, in my opinion.

If I could only own one throw, it would probably be the MarkMont.Classic or Kuntosh. Both are incredible.

I’m sensing a pattern here… :wink:

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Yea that’s along the same line I was saying. Back to basics is the best answer imo.

This so much. The MMC is one fantastic throw. I can’t leave mine alone.

The TiWalker.

In my opinion this is the definitive answer. I’m not sure Heath knew when he made them but they seem to be the perfect storm. A complete blend of all the attributes that people want in a yoyo. I own one now and have owned two others. It’s the last yoyo I’d ever trade or sell to use as a player.

C22 and others would make the short list as well.

That tends to happen when you live up the road from their shop. I have a couple CLYW throws I enjoy, but there are no prizes for guessing who made those. ;D


Interesting. When I read the question I interpreted it as “What yoyo do you think would appeal to everyone.” That is, if you’re new to yoyo and are starting to get good what yoyo should everyone try?

To that question I would say “The Shutter”. It’s about the best all around 'does everything pretty darn well" yoyo. It’s also easily available and affordable.

But from the other answers I see that the question was interpreted as “What amazing yoyo is so cool that everyone should have an opportunity to try it?”

Good suggestions.

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I am another who agrees. If for nothing else it is about the cheapest way to get into the sport and, I may be old but my first yoyo was a Butterfly. Now I am willing to try a new throw as I can afford it and as a result I have a very nice collection including fixed, transaxle and bearing yoyo’s.