Yoyo "Must Haves"


Every time I message Chris(Studio42) he always brings up “must haves”. That just got me wondering what other throwers consider as “must haves”. Post yours below!


CLWY Sunmit(maybe in the future,…)
YYJ Quest

(SR) #2



Well, for off-string players, a Fiesta XX is a must have.


Only thing I need is a Walter.


All of the c3 yoyos and a yyj therory


Are we talking about must haves as in stuff we want right now or must haves as in what we think every yoyoer should own (or at least try) at some stage? I think the DM2 should be a staple in any good unresponsive collection.


(Owen) #7

All the need is a response bearing yoyo and you can do every trick (like a stock FH1, FH2, or FHZ.) If you wanna be hardcore, all you need is a fixed axle wooden yoyo (like a no jive, wooden butterfly, or a TMBR.)

If you wanna do all styles, all you need is 2 loopers.

But thats the hard way to do stuff so this is basically all you need: Square Wheels Jojoz


Every yoyoer should have a favorite plastic, I think everyone should own a alpha crash,North Star or a trigger


No I don’t. Just MOST of the time!

I think we should all have an Imperial, Butterfly and a FHZ that can take silicone(doesn’t use friction or silicone stickers).

We should ALL have a wood yoyo. Fixed WOOD axle!!

After that, whatever floats your boat.


YoYoJam Diamondback coming tomorrow, cross that off my list!

Wait,… I should put it up there first then cross it off.


Yoyofactory plastic “stars” are a must have.


so many yoyos are must have lemme try…

FreeHand (or FreeHand zero)

old school but to me those are must haves :slight_smile:


word is that the Peak sucks,… I wouldn’t know but that’s what I heard at a yoyo meet.

(SR) #14

You better be kidding.


Pulls trigger
(Off of the shelf and admires YYJ for this great plastic)


I’m no CLYW expert but wasn’t the Peak their original big hit and one of the most beloved yoyos of all time?


A trusty plastic

A high end throw

A fixed yoyo

(G2 Jake) #18

Wood fixed


CLYW Avalanche, marmot, puffin, glacier express

Turning point positron,

Yoyo recreation sleipnir,

square wheels royale,

and alot of other stuff. These are my biggest wants.


Henrys Tiger Snake (looping, fixed axle)

Crucial Cupcake (1a, all unresponsive needs)

Unresponsive plastic (good to beat up and learn tricks on)