What is a yoyo that you think every collection should have?


I think every collection should have at least one Duncan freehand. Another example would be a peak or maybe a OD project


Classic lol


At least one general yo, and a chief.


For sure a summit

It fits all styles and the solid colored ones are easy to get a hold of
(While also having super cool splashes!)


Every yoyoer should try YYR (Slepnier, Stargazer), General yo (Majesty, M10, KLR), and CLYW (Chief and Artic Circle)


Something powder coated.



(Amplified) #8

YoyoSkeel Satifaction! It’s great.

(H.J.Fras) #9





Something by Duncan.

(LordCanti) #12

A Duncan Imperial.


A G2 Triton or Quake.


A yoyo produced before 2000.


Definitely a CLYW Chief.


Team Losi cherry bomb ftw!


Duncan Butterfly and YYF One. Maybe the YYF WHiP as well.


Shutter. Took the world by storm for good reason! :smiley:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #19

A yoyo collection is a personal thing. It demonstrates the development of taste, preference, materials and many other characteristics of particular value to the individual, even memories. Hence, I’m hesistant to say that there is a yoyo that should be in everyone’s collection, however I’d hope the following would be represented:

  1. A fixed axle.
  2. A trans axle.
  3. A yoyo with a bearing.
  4. Various materials.


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