What is a essential yoyo for a collector


Basically what the title says






Any special edition yoyo


TK No-Jive



(Steve Brown) #7

Original 1920s Flores (not the 1950s releases)


TK yoyos are a must. OG MIB Levi painted peaks like the one below is must, but can run upwards of $800. OG DM might be good. BSP would be nice, so would an OG bape.


This! …this right here, this is a yo-yo collectors must seek & aspire to own.




You would have to own the 'Ole Standard" Freehand.

(Owen) #12

I second that third


My answer:

Whatever you want.

I feel each collection should have a wood looper, A Duncan Butterfly AND Imperial, a FHZ(stock or modified, it makes no difference), an off-string, a wing-shape, a good looping pair, a pair for 3A and one set up specifically for 5A.

I’ve got a sizable collection. I don’t care if people like or dislike, approve or disapprove of what I have. I got it, I like it, I’m adding to it and I’m still happy.

I may have expensive tastes, but I can still appreciate a $10 yoyo and have a blast with it.


A couple of Coke branded Russells.


A mighty flea ;D




Marmot, Code 2, Peak, Spyy Ronin, … That is all I can think of right now. Any yoyo you have bonded with personally is one that belongs in your collection :slight_smile:


I can’t help judge collections by the collectors conviction and taste, well not really taste, more selection. Volume means little compared to this (for me). Conviction most. I don’t really mind what people collect but I really appreciate collections which showcase a specific theme, be it brand, innovation, historic significance etc. Single yoyos often mean very little without the context of them in a collection


I really like rounded butterflys :stuck_out_tongue:
Addictions/// yeah


That would be a cool collection!

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