What yoyos should everyone have in their collection?

What do you think? Doesn’t matter what the reason but please state it.

I think that a Duncan Butterfly and Imperial should be in a collection just because of the history they carry with them.

EDIT: Seems Brain, Protostar, 888 and FHZ are popular choices.


Free hand zeros. Protostars. 888’s. Some CLYW stuff as well

FHZ, I think everyone should own an 888x at some point! And I guess an imperial.

If you’re gunna include the imperial because of the history, then I think the original yomega brain should also be included.

I’ve never had a yomega brain. I did have a fireball though.

Super G.

I don’t think so.

-At least one Titanium


I agree. The brain was my fist throw


BSP,SOV,Magnum,Project,ColdFusion,and anything thats been Higbyed.

If you can afford one! :smiley:

I think people should consider having a delrin in their collection. Like a Crucial, or a Halo.

Di Base, 888x, Northstar/Protostar, plenty of SE enabled yoyos, at least 1 FHZ, a few loopers, at least 1 Delrin, and at least 1 4A. At least 1 yoyo of each manufacturer. This, of course if for someone who has played for a few years

seems reasonable! I need to get my hands on 2 DI Bases!

Stuff we should all have… Is there a limit?

Gotta go with Duncans to start with. Imperial and Butterfly, you have to accept the classics. Then a FHZ.

After that, we need a pair of loopers. We should all have at least 1 off-string. We should have an all plastic wing shape, a metal and plastic wing shape(yeah, nod to YYJ there…) and a full metal wing shape. We should all have a responsive wing shape or at the very least a semi-responsive wing shape such as the Lyn Fury. If we want 3A, we should have a pair of wing shaped yoyos for this purposes. We should have one yoyo set for 5A.

The idea of having a yoyo with swappable bearings or can be converted from responsive to unresponsive is good. Very good actually.

We should have a yoyo with hubstacks, just for the option!

And lastly, we should all have a much loved beater we carry with us everywhere. Make, model, material is not important. Cost is irrelevant. All you have to do is want to keep it handy all the time. In my case, it’s the DM2.

A responsive plastic beater for walking the dog, and letting non-throwers try.

An unresponsive beater for 5A

A set of loopers

A 4A throw

A nice competition grade throw for 1A

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Yomega fireball, xbrain & a Duncan Butterfly. Classics.