"Iconic" Yoyos


So, I was looking at a new trick to learn in the Learn section, and I was thinking of some “iconic” yoyos. This is kind of a subjective term, but I was wondering if any of you had any ideas of important yoyos to the community. Though the ones I’ve listed are signature throws, I don’t think these have to be sigs.

The two that come to mind are:
Red Dark Magic 1
Orange Northstar


Red dark magic, as previously stated, is pretty darn iconic. Probably the most viewed YoYo ever.

The main one that comes to mind is of course the Duncan butterfly in all of its various colors. It’s in a ridiculous amount of stores all over the world, it definitely deserves mention.


What was the first yoyo to be sold with a counterweight?

EDIT: The obvious answer would be FH1, but I was wondering if it would be something tricky like the Flying Squirrel.

GRRRRRR I’m just procrastinating at this point! Gotta get back to lesson planning!

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Some yoyos I think should be in everyone’s collection, all have an important history as well as a significant impact to the community.

CLYW Wooly Marmot
CLYW Chief
One Drop Project
One Drop M1
One Drop Code 2
YYF Catch 22
YYF 888
YYF Genesis
YYF Supernova
YYF ProtoStar
YYJ Dark Magic
YYJ Hitman
YYJ Phenom
SPYY Addiction
General Yo Hatrick
Dif-e-o Bare Bones
Duncan FHZ


Of those, I’d go with the OG Peak, FHZ (seems to be Duncan’s best-selling in-package counterweight yoyo), and the YYF 888. When I first started throwing 1.5 years ago, it seemed like the 888 was YYF’s “premier” throw (lots of big names on that 888 commercial video).



Freehand Zero

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Short list (influenced by Ed Haponik. See his blog)

Flores yoyo
Duncan Butterfly
Tom Kuhn No-Jive
Tom Kuhn SB
Yomega Raider
Duncan Freehand
Oxy 3
YYF 888


A definite iconic yoyo for me, Last of one drops .555 pad breed.


Duncan Imperial, Duncan Butterfly and the Yomega Fireball would be my picks as some of the most iconic yoyos.



Bapezilla/ Oxy 4. Where the terms “Baped” and Oxy smooth" came from.


in my opinon:
yomega brain
yomega raider
duncan butterfly
duncan freehand zero
yoyojam DM 1 and 2


Raider anyone? The FHZ and the FH2 also come to mind. North star and Dark Magic(both versions) also come to mind. The Peak, Code1, 888, possibly the Agape, Kickside, Aquarius, and more


The iconic yoyo’s in my opinion are the red protostar, orange northstar, red DM, Hitman, blue 888, Chief, superstar. there are more.

The most iconic yoyo though (modern yoyo’s, or it would obviously be the imperial) would be the red DM1


The butterfly


The butterfly


Pedro Flores Yoyo
Yoyojam Aquarius, pretty Iconic in 4A
YYF 401k, it was a NICE yoyo with the FAST Adjustable Starburst sytem, and it worked very nicely.
Tom Kuhn gets left out a Lot, but they are some of the biggest
Dif-e-yo yoyos, Frank Made the Konkave bearing, that started its own Thing, let alone his throws.
Buzzon yoyos, with their SPR and Occasional Wobble issues, were pretty Iconic back in the Day

Alchemy CU, Stainless Steel yoyo that wasn’t too small, but played very nicely with an A bearing.
Throw Down Shuriken, Another mini Made of Carbon Steel,D bearing, Very nice throw for its day, still is.

Big Brother Wedgie, Most Un-tiltable Yoyo EVER…Mid Sized, Made well, and was an A bearing metal.

Forgot to add this one
Hspin Pyro, a D bearing, larger Square yoyo, Very light for its size, but also very stable for whatever angle its thrown at. Used pads when Sili was finally getting big, but definitely A great player.

I think these are my Iconic yoyos. They were big back then, some still are.

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You got me there Jerrod. I totally forgot about them Turbo bumblebee gt s…I feel bad.


TK nojive
Most any Difeyo
Duncan FHZ
Yomega Raider
Spintastics Eclipse